Vegan Coconut Lemongrass Curry


On the homestead, one thing for certain is, we know how to cook! Living off the grid has taught me different ways of cooking, such as cooking over a gas propane stove and over a wood stove! I especially love cooking over the wood stove because believe it or not, food takes longer, but taste so much better. It really is true, that the slower the food cooks, the better it tastes. I have been cooking since age 7, so all my life. I specialize in asian dishes and especially love foods of India! In fact, I could live on Indian food. With winter here I cook alot. Well since the wood stove is always burning why waste the chance to cook a dang good meal? It saves on propane for our stove and heats the cabin as we cook. And since most snow days we are stuck indoors trying to entertain ourselves, we cook.

Most of you may know, we raise all heirloom/organic crops and herbs on the homestead. Lemongrass is the fastest herb that will successfully attack an internal or external virus you may have contracted. Lemongrass can be grown in your garden ir just around your property and will grow very fast and very large, so make sure it has plenty of room. If you do not want chemicals in your food stick with organic gardening methods. Another great think about lemongrass is, it has no pest enemies because, as some of you, that have been paying attention to some of our teaching, lemongrass is a natural pest deterrent. Pests will not only leave your lemongrass plant alone, but anything near it will be left alone, likely. Lemongrass is great to use in your dishes during flu and cold season because of it’s natural antiviral properties that can be found in all “lemon” family herbs.

This is a very simple dish to prepare and will take hardly any time cooking, although prep will take a little time, well with all the chopping and such. But start out with a large pot, fill it with about 3/4 water, you don’t want to much water, it will water the recipe down. Once the water starts to get hot add in your toughest ingredients at first, such as carrots. Once the carrots are firm but not hard, add in the potatoes, they take the next longest. Once those are firm but not over-cooked, add in the onions, those take the next longest. At this point it is a great idea to add in all the spices and herbs (salt, pepper, rosemary, thyme, curry powder.  If you want you can add in actual chopped lemongrass here, this will need to be removed before serving OR just remind your family that each person will need to remove the large lemongrass pieces.


Once the recipe was all blended, I added in 4 cans (tetra paks) of SO Delicious Dairy Free coconut milk and some lemongrass broth that I infused with real lemongrass herb, if you are using a lemongrass infusion. We let that cook until all the veggies were tender and the flavors are married. Once it is all done you have this wonderful pot of curry, and it was devine and would be even better over Jasmine Rice! For those that would like the recipe, here it is:

1 small bag of carrots chunked

2 medium onions chunked

2 lbs red potatoes chunked

1/2 cup curry powder

4 cartons of SO Delicious Dairy Free culinary coconut milk

8 cups lemongrass herb tea infusion or half a stock chopped of lemongrass

Salt and pepper to taste

1/4 cup garlic powder

2 tbsp chopped rosemary

2 tbsp thyme


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