Learn to make homemade safe pesticides with the Shikata Homestead. I made this video about 4 years ago, I had just moved off the grid and this was the first organic garden I had grown and it was also the first time I tried my hand at making my own pesticides. Honestly, the hot sauce I used clogged up the sprayer and I had to clean it often, which was very annoying. Moral of the story is, it worked, as long as I applied it a few times a week, after a rain and after a watering from the sprinkler. If you use hot sauce, use the thinnest sauce you can get. At just about a cheap 1.00 a bottle, this is the cheapest pesticide I ever used.

Not mentioned in the video that I have used that worked is, NEEM oil. Diluted with water it did well, again often applied. I learned the hard way never to put NEEM oil on sweet peas, they all died. Later I learned NOT to do this, lol so take it from me, never place NEEM oil on sweet peas. This video was produced as part of a teaching series of videos that I was gigged to do from a company years ago. Although very brief, I figured, the hot sauce recipe alone was worth sharing. Most people are really surprised when they lean that hot sauce works as a pesticide.


Basic Homemade and Natural Pesticides

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