Growing up a storm


From this——->


To this. In just 2 weeks!

Our 16, previously thought to be 15, are growing rapidly. In fact we have learned quite a bit about our new little chicks. They are hybrids of the original Cinnamon Queens. Mixed with the Golden Commit, they are bred to grow fast and lay sooner. Around 3 months these babies will be providing the Shikata Homestead with some organic/free range eggs. We currently have a stock that is about 2 years old, so they are laying well now that it is warm, but the eggs production will begin to drop off now, of course, well after this year. So we have 12 hens now, that are about 2 years old, we are getting about 9 eggs a day and the one rooster we have (Ninja), he is doing his job well at fertilizing the eggs, although we do not hatch our own currently (We have had a few hens go broody over the years and hatch a few baby chicks out).

It is every 2 days that I have to fill the chicks non-medicated food silo and the water bottle is about to be upgraded to a quart jar from a half pint. Those little buggers are just drinking the water like it’s life! Chickens to run about a 103 temperature all the time, which means, naturally, that they will drink more water. It’s important that the chicks to not run our of water or feed during their big growing time. This is the second set of chicks we have reared. Our first set was 50 barded rocks and Astrolourps (spelling). We did well then too and those are the ones we have now that are 2 years old. We tried our hand at both raising chicks and buying laying hens at a local farm auction and have found that the auction is not our cup of tea. There are many bad things that you can bring home from these auctions along with your new chicks, not to mention the bad treatment those animals endure.

Just look at these babies wings and tails! When we brought them home there were no wings, no tails no combs, now they are all coming in strong, and in just 14 days!



They chirp all day, scratch, roost and play, they are trying their chance at flying as well. Although they do good, they have a long way to go, I have a feeling it will be a fast paced road for them though. At night we cover them and they sleep, and they sleep until we uncover them when the sun rises and the rooster crows. Such a pleasure to be a part of nature growing up safe and healthy. Lovin the off grid life!


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