The making of a new homestead at the Shikata Eco-Village


At the Shikata Eco-Village and Zen Homestead we will soon have our first new resident to join the community. We are an intentional community and are based in the woods of the southern Missouri Ozarks. We allow those that are of like minds and beliefs to come join us in harmony as stewards of the land and help us build a more sustainable and self sufficient way of life for us and our children and children’s children. We call ourselves the Shikata Eco-Village. My family, lives at the Shikata Zen Homestead, which is our home. We own the land that we live on and welcome others to come and live onsite, fee free as long as they agree to help out around the community and be a large part of it’s development for the betterment of all.

New community members are allowed to build an earth dwelling of have a cabin brought in pre-built. We are an Eco-friendly community which means we do everything all natural including build with just natural materials. My family, personally lives in an Amish built portable cabin that measures 12X24 with 2 8 foot lofts for sleeping quarters, we live off the grid 100%. Recently, our new community members were welcomed into the Shikata family and so the building of a new homestead began. First up, clear the land for the new home.

before wynters homestead before wynters homestead 2

Since the property we inhabit is fairly clean, meaning not so entangled with brush and such, it wasn’t too much of  a job to clear and prepare for the new homestead plot. Above are 2 pictures of what the plot looked like before the cabin and much of the clearing took place. Then came the cabin, just 2 weeks after it was ordered.

DSC07695 DSC07694

It took 4 hours to get the cabin to it’s new home due to some unforeseen problems that had to be overcome. Between the Derksen delivery man and myself, we got that cabin to it’s new home and set up on some blocks to level it and it looks great sitting under the canopy of the trees. The new homestead will give the eco-village some much needed helping hands that are willing and able to work the land just in time to put in the community and personal gardens, including a large sunflower garden that will grow sunflowers and produce seed that will be used to press our own oils. Check out this video of the cabin being delivered:

Once the new residents arrive permanently on sight, there will be so much to do. New members to the community bring on a whole new set of daily activities, which are needed to off set the bland days that are sure to arrive after so many years of doing the same ole thing by the same ole people. It is a blessing to be able to offer the land to those that want to work it and give back to the earth and to pass on forgotten knowledge and to see that knowledge turned into wisdom as it is placed to use daily! Teaching herbology, natural living, organic gardening, wild foraging, and all that go with living off the grid on a homestead built into the woods.

Congrats to our newest community member, we hope you find all you are searching for in this quest we call life and on your new path which starts at the Shikata Eco-Village and Zen Homestead.


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