Spring is Amazing!

Spring is just a wonderful! We can tend to our garden, I can sleep in my forts! I love spring,its my favorite season. Because birds lay eggs in their new nest, Hummingbirds drink your necture, leaves come in and flowers bloom! Oh how wonderful it sounds! I love the smell of the new grass that grows near the garden spot.  Spring is just a wounderful season to enjoy with your friends and family . I love summer but it can be to hot, but I love swimming in the river! Thats my favorite thing to do in the summer time! Spring I love sitting on a stump and watching the birds and feel the spring breeze. Spring is when some of the herbs grow, so we can pick them. Some of the flowers that come out in spring you can use to make tea. I love nature, there is nothing better then nature its self. its amazing how perfect nature is to! wow im amazed! I found a rock shaped just like a heart I mean just perfect! I found a rock that was so perfect!  it was a zen rock!  Spring is a happy season!


Spring is Amazing!

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