Have you liked us on Facebook!?

Have you liked us on Facebook!?


3 thoughts on “Have you liked us on Facebook!?

  1. I just watched 3 Hopi prophetic videos and he mentioned the August moon is now in july, and the July moon is in june. Time has shifted so planting must be started differently. I’m a little freaked out after watching these as my plans are to move to Missouri near the ozarks and everyone thinks I need anxiety pills and am crazy. But destruction for America is soon to be coming and I want to survive, and there is where I believe I need to go.

    • Thanks for commenting, in fact…actually, this is why Dogwood Hollow Homestead is off grid in the MO. Ozark forest. If folks research “safe locations during the coming pole shift” they will find that the Mo. Ozarks are listed as one of the safest places in the US. Check out Zedatalk.com search for Ozarks. Also, I have been off grid here for 6 years and have actively watched many folks come here to go off grid and, in their words, get back to a simpler way of living. It seems like people are flocking here for this. I am in with alternative media, (find Truth News on FB) we are always sharing info. for what you are talking about. As for those that keep persecuting you for your beliefs, remember the folks also persecuted Noah when he wanted to build the ark…yet the story says he survived. So ask yourself, is you and your family worth not being prepared over a few comments? Good luck!

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