Taking the big jump


In our quest to become as self sufficient as we can be, and more sustainable, on the homestead, about one month ago we decided to try an alternative to toilet paper. I had heard of this idea from two friends about toilet paper. I had been putting of this “change” for a year.

Finally,  we went in head first. I took two 5 gallon buckets, with lids. I tore up half a banana box of old t-shirts and towels, put them in one of the buckets. The other 5 gallon bucket is for dirty rags. I hid the last roll of toilet paper for visitors.

No one in the family has complained, my family does not seem to mind. We find that we don’t mind washing these rags, when it is time. It is much easier than when my daughter was in cloth diapers. Washing takes about 10 minutes, that’s it.

I do not see us going back to paper anytime soon. Turns out it was not as big of a deal we had thought it would be. We save tons of money on toilet paper, we have less to compost and the toilet bucket is not filled up so fast. We have found that it feels cleaner and we feel a lot better by not using paper as it is made from one of the earth’s precious resources..trees.

We will continue to make strides and become more a more self sufficient as possible. Where ever we have to spend money, we are finding ways of never doing that again, or else we will just barter and trade if we need it and there is no way around it.


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