Moving up and on to a more self sufficient living style

At the Shikata Homestead we have been off grid now going on 5 years. For those 5 years we have done many things and made many good changes in our lives. Recently we switched from using/buying toilet paper to reusable rags that we will wash and reuse instead of buying into the “you need this” way of consumerism, the multi billion dollar industry known as the bath and body industry. The fact is, we just do not need it…what ever IT may be.

For these 5 years we have lived in cabins. Cabins that were built by the local Amish and Mennonite community and we have had to may mortgage payments to this company. Recently we hit hard times. We owned two of their prefabbed cabins and we could no longer pay for them. We dropped back on our payments, we got 6 months behind. So when the repo man finally arrived we didn’t allow him to just take our home away. Knowing this would prolong things for us, maybe give us the time we needed to figure out a plan.

Where were we gonna live if not in the cabin anymore? Here comes winter…it is getting cold. We called the cabin company, I am not afraid to even tell you they are called Derksen Buildings. We told them of our hard times and that we were also on a come up and could resume payments of our larger cabin, we had made home, in just 3 days. They told us, they were not interested in our story and did not care that we had children and that it was winter. They told us if we send payment that it would be returned unless it was 6 months of back payments on 2 cabins!

Who could afford such garbage? We decided it was dumb to continue with this company and thoughts of why we moved off grid years ago in the first place began to surface. We were offered money to catch up our payments by a very caring friend, but respectfully refused. We have decided to build our own cabin and let them take back their prefabbed garbage cabins that we found no luxury in. So we will be taking pictures and video as we go along with the cabin build. We have decided to build us a cabin size 12×16, to start with, 2 rooms and a small nook with a compost toilet in it. We will be using recycled pallets, timber from the property and scrap wood.

Follow along with us as we make this journey!

DSC09168 DSC09169 DSC09170 DSC09171


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