Update on ye ole cabin raising


We are coming along on the cabin. The floor is all framed up and ready to receive insulation and a plastic vapor barrier layer. After that we are contemplating laying plywood, which will take 6 sheets of 4 foot wide by 8 foot long. I designed the cabin so that anything like that we decide to use money for will fit perfectly with no cutting to fit. Now we could also decide to just use pallet wood and scrap wood to cover the floor on top of the vapor barrier and insulation. In this picture is myself, and my wife measuring and cutting boards taken off pallets to fit where the door will eventually hung. The floor landing there we decided to reinforce to keep the door position from wavering in the future.


Angel, my wife, decided it would look great if we chose to support the 4 corners of the cabin with recycled power pole logs. Earlier in the year we had a power pole that ran through the property, not a live link, be taken down by a stray tree I was cutting. When the power company came to replace the power pole, we kept the old pole. Of course they are treated trees, so the treatment will make the corner supports last a lot longer. We measured and cut them and we have the 2 front corners supported now with those logs.

We have placed supports strategically at different parts of the floor, as well, so that the floor will be very stable, no one likes a floor that moves when you walk. We are using large stones from the property and some cedar half logs for those supports. In these 2 pictures above, Angel and I are seen measuring and fitting boards to support the door landing area. The boards fit snug!


We ended up using two 12 foot logs that I cut myself from the property just to add a bit of a natural element to the cabin. We will do this is all areas of the cabin, the walls, the ceiling etc. We want the cabin to be connected to the land and this is our way of making that happen. We placed 12 foot 2×6’s and the two 12 foot poles from the property every 2 feet at the floor for bracing. The cabin is 16 foot long. So including the front and back facing boards, we added in 9 12 foot braces for the floor supports. In this picture you can see that we wing everything, hah. Angel is supporting herself with my back as she stands on the boards I cut with the hand saw.

Now we are ready to lay the insulation, we have that, then the plastic sheeting for a vapor barrier, we have to spend money to get that and then maybe the 6 sheets of plywood for the flooring, or we will just use boards and screw them down. We will update you as we go along when we have more to share, subscribe and follow our blog so you do not lose track of our progress!


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