Laying the cabin floor


Decided to move on with the floor installation at the new cabin. We were going to cover the insulation with plastic as a barrier that would slip through the cracks of the cabin such as a spilled glass of water. The boards on the floor will be cracks between them allowing the insulation to be potentially ruined by anything spilled on the cabin floor in the future. Instead, we have decided to move on and install the insulation, using  R-13, 3 inches thick by 24 inches wide thermal and sound control (no formaldehyde) type. We will place a ground vapor barrier under the cabin at a later date, something think I assume. Right now we are in the process of taking apart scrap pallets and wood and cutting boards to fit into place as you can see in the picture above. Those boards are measuring around 4 foot, 3 1/2 inches in length and are about a half inch thick. They are pine, mostly and smooth on one side. We are installing the best looking side up, this is not always the smoother side. Since this is the sub-floor anyhow (there will be another covering over this floor later) it won’t matter much.


I am cutting each and every board for that is part of this cabin build by hand with an old hand saw from a by gone age I purchased for just $4 at a local antique shop. It still had a lot of life left in it, I felt, and so far this has been the best hand saw I have ever owned or used. You can see me in this picture above sawing the floor boards to the proper length. My daughter, of 14, is holding the board for me and taking the pictures. She is very multi-talented, heh.


The insulation installation we ran into a little problem already, heh, well why not, I mean it’s got to remain interesting doesn’t it? I made a mistake, yup, I am not perfect. I do not feel it is a mistake that will amount to much other than increasing my work load, which, isn’t that big of a deal. I like to always have something to do. What I should have done is made the floor joists, 16 inches on center, instead, I made them 24 inches because that is the width of my insulation pieces. I did not account for slight differences in the wood and irregularities which you will always run into when you are building with timber and scrap wood. I also did not think I need the insulation tabs to overlap so the insulation is more secure. SO..I had to decrease the length of the second section. In the picture above you can see this. It was over 24 inches wide because of my mistake and therefore I had to add boards to the floor joist 2×6 to make it wider. This made the insulation fit. I did some measuring and I will have to do this probably in 3 separate places. At least it is not the whole floor.


So at the end of the day yesterday, we were able to install 12 boards, I think, and 2 sections of insulation. We are expecting snow on Saturday and Sunday, here on the homestead, so we will need to cover this part of the floor with something before then. The boards are all the same thickness and length and all had to be cut to fit. We are measuring each place for the boards because some will be slightly different in size. This area we started in will be where the front door to the cabin will be located. You can see it looks very good and after walking on it I have decided it is a dang good job! However, there were 4 boards that were not very wide installed and after testing them, we will have to remove those and replace with a larger board like all the others. They moved too much for my liking, guess they were just not wide enough, but the job will be quick and easy. On the right you can see we set up a pallet on it’s end. It measures about 3.4 feet wide and 4 feet tall. This is just to show you what we will be doing with the walls.

We will have to add a board under the pallet to have something to nail the pallet down with. Once we set up the 5 pallets on the 16 foot sides we will have about 12 inches to cut off the last pallet. That will make the lower half of the walls with 2×4’s as wall studs. Then we can stack the second wall layer, staggered, connect them to the lower half and the walls will be up roughly. Keep checking back and follow our blog if you have not, we will keep posting pics and video, to come. Peace!


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