Work temporarily halted due to weather


Right when you get going on something it seems like mother nature always has plans! 🙂 Here in the Ozarks of southern Missouri winter has arrived. As you can see in the picture above, work on the new cabin has been temporarily halted due to increment weather. Just a day ago we had the arctic front come through Missouri that has affected the whole US. It dropped about an inch and a half of snow on us and temperatures dropped as low as single digits and the wind is blowing pretty good. So we have stopped working on the cabin for a while.


The geese were seen, all day yesterday, heading south. It was the most geese on a single day we have ever seen in our 5 years off grid here in Missouri. It seemed as if the entire country of geese emptied as fast as they could from the northern states. Geese flocking and honking all day, made us understand that winter was here and there are no more warm days until late spring 2015. We have decided to use wafer board for the floor instead of piecing together boards. This method is much faster but resulted in about 97.00 in material cost. Still at just $9.13 a board, which is 4 foot by 8 foot and about half an inch thick, it’s a good deal.


At one point the storm was really blowing, like it was the dead of winter in Missouri. You can see the almost pure whiteout conditions as the snow was blowing and falling all around the homestead. The little cabin, we use as a guest cabin, can be seen in the distance. I took this picture about 2 pm from the window of the cabin we live in up the hill.


Around the homestead, days like this are rare, but we do have them and so we take to the indoors to work on some things. Sometimes it’s a good ole fashioned meal being cooked on the wood stove. Sometimes some crafts and blankets or other hand made goods are being worked on. Sometimes I use these days to write, or work on a book I’ve been getting done little by little. Currently, the new title of a book I am working on is, “Inside the life of an off grid southern Missouri homesteader”.


Chickens still have to be tended too, rabbits still have to be fed, the cats and dogs still have to be red and looked after and there is water that will have to be thawed for us or the animals. The pile of wood in this picture will be fine as long as we do not leave it that long. You want to get your good lumber out of conditions like this. The OSB/wafer boards we bought tonight, 10 in all, will need to be placed indoors for sure. We are not forecast to be snowed on anymore, although this weekend, fri-sun the forecast is telling us to expect rain. We will have all good lumber indoors by then, or covered with plastic.


Don’t much like the snow, or as cold as it has gotten, but you can not deny the beauty that it brings in nature. From the snow fall on the evergreen trees to the dusted paths around the homestead, it is just pretty and gives the air such a fresh feeling. Breathing becomes easy and the air seems very fresh. Our garden greens are actually still alive even though, covered with snow and the single digit temperatures. I’ve read that a cold like this just makes them much more flavorful. We cooked up a pot of fresh greens the other day in a pork broth and did so on the wood stove and they are right, taste was exceptional! Hope you’ve enjoyed the pictures, have a great day!


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