Cabin build update, Week 2


Well the snow and very cold temperatures lasted a few days. We went out and dusted the snow off the floor joists and went to work laying the floor. Some of you may recall that, in the beginning, we were going to be building this cabin from all pallets and scrap lumber. Problem is, we never expected to be competing with the locals for the “good” pallets we had our eyes on. Last year when we built our rabbit house from the pallets they were easy to come by. We have seen no pallets, except the pallets we do not wish to use, at our usual location in weeks. SO we have decided because we need this cabin to be up as soon as possible, no more than 2 months, preferably, that we just need to get it up as best we can as quick as we can. That means buying most of the lumber. So here is half of the floor done. We put down 3/4 inch wafer board which, surprisingly, only cost us about $9.30 cent a board, 8X4 size!

Shoot, with those prices we can afford to build the cabin, little by little, using cash we scrounge up different ways. So we we used donated money from a friend  to purchase 10 sheets of this wafer board. That gave us enough for the cabin floor and half of our roof! When I first planned this cabin I planned it to the size I knew I could get without doing hardly any saw cutting, just in case plans changed, which they always do. So in the picture above here is half the floor covered.


A huge thanks to my 14 year old daughter who is my main helper. She takes up the slack of several mean, believe me. I have seen her throw an 8 foot log on her shoulders and walk it out of the forest and build her own survival shelters, she calls “forts”. She has became a hammering master and a good backwoodsman, using the term loosely.


Again, we are not carpenters and we have never built a home before. We are not picky, however, and are true backwoodsmen. We have lived in the forest for 2 years, been off grid in the country for almost 5 years and before that we have lived on the Appalachian Trail, and homeless. We lived this way because we have found freedom in it. We like the adventures and we do not complain about it. Although, we do complain from time to time about things, mostly about things that we know are not right, such as Starbucks joining forces with Monsanto and funneling large amounts of money into the anti-GMO labeling campaign! lol See, we complain.

SO, I said that to say that we are learning as we go along. We have found that we apparently, can not measure to well. The cabin floor ended up 16 foot 3 inches. Which, of course is 3 inches longer than I planned. SO, the floor boards did not fit perfectly. We made it work, anyhow, and it is just a sub floor, which means it will be covered later with planks of wood which will cover any imperfections and add to the floors resilience. We lined the floor boards up with the edges of the cabin, which is important for the wall structure. So the 3 inch spacing is in the center of the cabin. Funny how things always work out, though. Earlier, in the build, we had to widen the middle floor joist so the insulation would fit, again, our measuring needs work. So where the 3 inch space is, there is wood there covering any hole, heh.


We did have to move the back 2X6 plate of the cabin and 2 floor joists had to be removed and refitted to line up properly for the insulation. We got it done and feel it is better than when we first begun. Here I am hammering away. It looks cold out, but it was in the 30’s this day and unless it is in the low 20’s and windy, we have found that it really isn’t as cold as it seems. Living in the forest, spending most of our time outdoors, like humans used to live, has made us more accustomed to the temperatures than we’ve ever been. So now the floor is half way covered and pretty soon we will be finishing up and starting to raise those walls. We will be using a mix of pallet 2×4’s and purchased 2×4’s to build our walls, frame our doors and windows.

Stay tuned more to come. If you have not yet followed our blog here, please do so, lots of excitement to follow here!


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