The floor is completed for the new cabin at the Shikata Homestead


With the cold snow gone and the temperatures at the Shikata Homestead, on the rise back to the norm, we have been back at it. Laying the floor with our 4×8 3/4 inch wafer board and installing the remainder of the R13 insulation. We ran out of that but we did have a few strips of R11 insulation that we pulled from the little cabin, that will soon be gone from the homestead anyhow. We are trying to buy for time with the lousy Derksen Buildings company. As some of you may know we were done wrong by this company and have decided to tell them to basically shove their cabins where the sun don’t shine and build our own debt free home. SO, we have all the insulation installed, the floor wafer boards are being installed in this picture. My daughter and I have been working as much as we can on the floor so we can start to build the walls and get them raised.


Had to strip off a few pieces of the paper from the insulation. I didn’t want the rain finding a route into the insulation that will be safe under the cabin and the flooring. If it sticks out, it is just a pathway for water to follow. We had to refit either 2 or 3 of the floor joists and that involved the removal of the back plate from the cabin floor. Spacing the joists more accurately saved us a lot of extra work and materials to just widen the joists, where we measured wrong, to fit the insulation. That took only about 30 extra minutes, I am not complaining!


We have the floor well insulated. In the Ozarks of southern Missouri, it snows and it gets downright cold. We burn about 4 cords of split wood a year starting around October and usually that goes to about March where the need for the wood stove begins to taper off. So the floors can get very cold. The flooring was very cheap, we found a good price of just over $9 a board for this wafer board. I will also be using this board to cover the roof and most likely, the walls too. I DO know a few cabins that have been built with cheap boards like this and they turned out quite well. This part of the cabin will be the main part. We will have our wood stove in here about where the insulation meets the wafer board in this picture above, actually. There will be 2 windows on each 16 foot wall and one on the front wall next to the front door. There will be a back door, for escape in the event of a fire as well. Not sure if I want that on the back wall at the top right.

We will be installing a metal roof and the roof pitch will be an A frame style to shed snow and rain well. The walls will only be 6 foot high (like the cabin we are in now) and there will be a loft for storage over the front door. We will also be building a front porch using logs cut from the land and shortly after the main part is finished we will be building onto the cabin. We have plans to build a wood room, onto the cabin (my daughter’s idea) and a bedroom for my daughter that will measure about 8 foot long and 12 foot wide.


So the cabin floor is laid. It is finished and ready to have the walls built and raised. It is not as level as I was hoping, but again, we are not carpenters, we have never built a home before and we just are not that picky. Besides, there are no building codes, which is one of the great things about owning off grid private property! I figure this is not our only cabin we will build because we have need for a guest cabin or two and so we will be building those as well. Well here it is is all it’s glory, the cabin floor is finished! What a milestone!

If you have not followed our blog, do so for us, it will email you when we post an update. There is always something going on at the Shikata Homestead, a true off grid homestead set in times past with the feel of life stepped backwards!


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