Wood work #2

Worth the read, did you know that the song, “pop goes the weasel” comes from this? wow..


On my first time going to Q’s Quality Wood Works (you can see him on FaceBook) I learned about fares and non-fares metals.  Fares is another word that means iron.  Brass and silver are just two of the non-feres metel. Steal and  StainlessSteel are just two fares metals I know. I also learned that pop goes the weasel comes from a tool called a weasel, a weasel is used to tell you how much yarn you have made. Every time it pops its more or less telling you that you have just spun 1 yard of yarn.  If you can tell, the song pop goes the weasel comes from that tool the weasel. The weasel used to be made out of mulberry wood.

On the secend day I also learned how to use a hand sander, I helped a take off pant with a  paint remover called stripper. We hade to get paint off of some old bee…

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