A Long Journey To Get Where We Are

When we first went off grid and back to the homesteading way of life, we had purchased 64 acres in a place called Antler Ridge, not far from where the homestead is today. We bought the land with $500.00 down and owned it in less than an hour, and all over the phone and internet. We were in Texas, transient, and not sure where we wanted to go. All we knew is we wanted to go off grid and own our own cabin and land.

We were just off the Appalachian Trail and so we were not settled anyplace, just transient. In fact we were in a motel when we bought the 64 acres and we were staying there paying weekly rent. Angel (my wife) was working and I was building my future income, which today I am a published author and freelance writer. I have written for many places and many people, they all paid.

When we purchased the 64 acres we waited until it started to warm into spring, then we left Texas and was off to live off grid on our new land. Problem is, when we got there we were shocked to find nothing but 64 acres of clear cut land and to say it lightly, a damn ski slope! You can see it here, tracts 2 and 3.


They made it look good online, but we bought before looking and learned a hard lesson, people will swindle you of your money anyway they can, do not trust anyone. Well we were upset, we called and told them we wanted our money back, they denied and said we could choose something else. We wanted land, so we talked and they sold (traded) us a tract in a place called Barnes Hollow.

We chose to downsize, believing that we had overestimated the amount of land we wanted (after seeing the monster 64 acres). So we chose a piece of property that was 10 acres. Since we had learned a hard lesson and we were in Missouri now, we decided to go to see the property FIRST. So we set up a plan, we told the company we were going to look at the property and decide if we wanted it and that we would call them before 4 pm to let them know.

They agreed we could just trade up and make it all right. We walked the property at Barnes Hollow and loved it. It had a nice rough cabin on it and it was perfect. So we called them, as we agreed. The man informed me that the property had just sold….He literally sold it as we were walking across it! You can see it here, tract 9.


We were livid! This man, this company, had screwed us twice and we were mad. So I threatened a civil law suit. We argued but in the end, we hung up and that was it….we thought. The next morning we got the call, the man had called us to apologize and offer his help. There was a cabin property, 12 acres, not far from Barnes Hollow that was given up recently and now he was offering it to us.

So because we were desperate now and they had our money, we went to see the property. It was awesome! Cabin, pond, spring, 12 acres, beautiful as it could be…this was our new homestead! So we purchased it. This was 12 acres in Licking, Mo. at The Ranches of Montauk Park seen here as tract 10.


We started here. This was the first homestead and we stayed here for a year before life decided that we could no longer afford it and had to downsize. We were not giving up just yet. The company we purchased this land through has a rule. “You can trade your property for any other property in their inventory, anytime, anyplace, no questions asked. Your money follows you.”

So we did, we looked and fell in love with a smaller, easier to pay for, tract of land 40 minutes away in a better town too. This brings us to our current location, Whispering Oaks in Houston, Mo. our off grid, 5 acre homestead. We now have 2 cabins, Amish built and they are ours, they are not part of the property. We have decided to build our own cabin and allow the Derksen buildings to go back to them, we do not want to even begin to tell you of the crap that we dealt with through this company.

If you are a loyal follower of the blog, you know the story 🙂 Moral of this story is, never give up, if you want something bad enough, find a way, go get it! We may not be here at the current homestead forever, but for now we are set and doing well. The days will soon start getting longer and it won’t be long before we can say we have made it through another winter off grid in Missouri.

For those that wish to know the company name, hopefully to avoid the problems we’ve had with them, they are here.


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