Confessions Of One Off Grid Man

The longer I live out here the more I hate to go into town, or anyplace for that matter. The more I turn against the ways of society and the more I despise the consumer world. Everyday I am changing, more has changed with me than I could have ever foreseen. I welcome all the changes and fall in love with them over and over again. The longer I am out here the more I turn my back on things that used to be part of my life in society, on the grid. I can be found in a meditative state almost everyday now. Maybe not sitting in lotus, but definitely in a mental meditative state. I regret nothing I’ve done these past 5 years since stepping off the Appalachian Trail into this off grid way of life. I have found true peace in nature and it is a feeling like I never would have imagined. The longer I am out here, the more I think, “I’ll never go back”.

Zen me

There are many things which I have turned my back on, pushed out of my life and replaced with what makes more sense to me spiritually and physically. When I went off grid I was serious. I was on a mission and still am. A mission to clean up my life and raise my daughter in a cleaner, more spiritually rewarding way, healthier, and safer. A mission to show everyone that it can be done and what the rewards would be. Today I continue, almost 5 years later, to clean up my life that had been polluted by society and a trained up consumerist society. I have stopped using many of the things that you all use on a daily basis that makes since to you. Things such as dishes made of glass and plastic, today I use wooden bowls and will never again purchase dishes, if I need a new bowl, I will make one from a piece of wood. I do not have a collection of dishes either, I own what I refer to as a simple eating set. All it includes is 3 small wooden bowls, a titanium spork, a tea cup/mug, a set of chopsticks and a cloth napkin that I use for everything.

I have stopped using shampoos and conditioners, cologne and aftershave, deodorant (although I do use some handmade deodorant when a friend of mine brings me some, if he does). I do not use plastic cups, I have a metal cup I drink water from and a glass tea cup/mug that I drink tea and coffee from. I refuse to use anything else. I do not have a collection of clothes as I used to, as most people do. I have a few sets of clothes that have no specific purpose other than to cover me. There is no distinction of good, work, Sunday best clothing, etc. I wear my clothes weeks at a time and I wear my 2 pairs of shoes until they literally fall apart. Then I replace them with used shoes, usually. I do not like new things, clothes, shoes etc. These all do nothing for me except further my ego and “comfort”, which leads to more suffering in my eyes. As Buddha said, life is suffering, attachment and ego are prime reasons for some suffering in life.

Amish me

As I have stated before, having expectations in life will bring about nothing but more suffering. People live with too much stuff, everything that is not natural is poison. I do not drive, I refuse to take part in the poisoning of the earth and people, I do not take part in the consumer world, I do not shop, do not have a car for money and if I had too, could live without any. I do not want to listen to any music that does not speak to my soul, I listen to a gene of music called Kirtan. Kirtan is chants/mantra in call and re-call form with an audience. The music I listen to speaks of god and all the gods and goddesses and their love and compassion. I eat mostly rice and veggies and soup these days, simplified food for a simplified life and I have more energy and strength, stamina and endurance than ever in my life, even as a soldier in that mans army.

There was a time where I stopped using chairs, sat on cushions, stopped eating at a high table, cut the legs off my table and sat on cushions under it to eat, stopped sitting on all furniture and found the floor and cushions much more comfortable, stopped sleeping on a high bed too, just a mat on the floor. Today, I still sleep on just a mattress on the floor but have went back to a table and chair. Recently, something is calling to me, get rid of those things and never take that practice up again, so it is on my list for the new cabin set up. If you have ever watched the movie “The Last Samurai”, and seen how they lived in the village, then you have some idea of how I live and what I am striving for. I figure my ultimate destiny, my final act in life will be to live in solitude as a monk. I welcome this. Until then, my off grid life flourishes with wisdom, health, peace, serenity, excitement and I love it, I will never go back, just deeper into my spiritual inner being. Namaste friends.


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