Donations for the Shikata Homestead family cabin


Hello fans, friends, family and those coming here through the Facebook link to donate to the cabin build project.

As most of you should know, we are in hard times here at the homestead. It is winter and the cabin we are in for now is about to be repossessed. We will have no place to go, although we are buying the land we live on at the homestead, still it is winter and our family has to have a place to stay warm and dry and safe. So those of you that have been following the blog would know that we have started building a cabin using scrap wood, recycled wood, pallets and land timber. We want to spend as little money on this as we can, but somethings we just need to spend money on no matter what.

So this is a blog just to post the details about how you can donate to the cabin build project if your heart tells you that is the right thing to do. We love you all!

Paypal email to use for Paypal donations:

Mail to send donation: Shikata Homestead 6970 Lundy Rd. Houston, MO. 65483

If you choose to help by sending donations through the mail, please be aware that we can not cash a check. You must either send cash wrapped in paper in an envelope or a money order with the name Angel Seeley on it. My wife will be able to cash this. For any questions just comment, we monitor this blog very closely. If you would like to donate your hard work, or something other than funds, we will accept all donations. Just talk with us to arrange a visit or to send things other than monies. Thanks to all those that can help!


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