Up up we go!


When last we met we had the bottom level of the cabin walls framed up and we had started to cover the outer walls with boards. Now we have the upper walls almost fully erected and we have begun construction on one of the additions which will be a bedroom for our teen daughter. In the above picture you can see me, working tirelessly on part of the upper walls of the cabin. To orient you, this is the front of the cabin the front door is there on the right. Before we started on the upper walls with the pallets we had to first make sure the lower walls were all secured by boards that had to be placed on the pallets. The way they had to be placed together is to simply use long boards and nail them to the pallets making sure to secure the seems where 2 pallets meet.


Here is a great shot of the cabin after a long day of hard work by my daughter and I. Not all the walls is up because due to places that are not equal we have to alter some pallets to fit and we also have to custom build some to fit. Its always a crap shoot when you go to pick up salvage including pallets. They have to all be the same height. Width does not matter as you can just put it together like a puzzle. You can see in this picture the lower wall is still being covered by boards. When we have the whole building covered we will cover the walls with tarp paper, as a wind and water shield, and then we are contemplating covering the walls with log cut offs. Those pieces that we can get at any saw mill that when nailed to the walls in unison, looks like a log cabin sitting there.


Here is an angle shot of the cabin at the end of the day. Once we get the upper walls done we still have to climb up there and add all the boards that secure the pallets together so the wall is stable. Then we can cover the entire building, walls, with boards. We can also began construction on the roof which will be an A frame covered with wafer board, tarp paper and metal for rain water collection. We will have to use good 14 foot 2×4’s for that roof project. I’ve never seen a 14′ pallet, although I am sure they exist, we will most likely be buying those 2×4’s.


As stated in the beginning, we have also started working on the bedroom floor. This is one of the additions we have planned for the cabin. We have 2 other small additions that will also be part of the build now. One is the bathroom, which will be about 8×8, the other is the wood room where we will store our wood for cooking and heating. It will also be the room that has the back door exit. We will have a large outside door on this room, so we can easily bring wood in too stack. The door into the cabin will be the back door and entrance from the inside to this room. If you have been with us from the beginning of this project, you will notice that we are using pallets to build the bedroom floor. We used 2×6’s on the main cabin floor.

This is because we use what we have. We have an abundance of pallets now and with the vehicle we have, the larger boards can not be transported safely. We had a friend bring the first load of long boards to the homestead for us, but we all have things going on and we can not always rely on someone to transport wood for us, so we use what we have. I built our rabbit house this same way and I’ve built a 12×12 storage shed with a pallet floor too, so it is something I have experienced before. Well that is all for now, we have more coming stay tuned!


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