Awaiting the future of cabin living

My new dining room

Once we get the new pallet cabin built, we are going to be looking at new ways of doing things. Although the cabin will have almost 8 foot walls and it’s size will be about 12×16 with some extra rooms for a compost bathroom with tub, bedroom for the daughter, and a wood room in the back so we do not have to venture into -27 degrees just to get wood to burn in winter here. That is plenty of room for us 3. But we like things organized and a little more room won’t hurt. We plan on building a Murphy bed, so we can fold that into the wall during times that it will not be in use.

In the picture above there is a fold away dining table as well as 2 fold away benches. We like this idea and think that we will be going with that in the new cabin. It is also self discipline to build something like this. We all, no doubt, use all the flat surfaces in our homes to store things and then we complain at how cluttered it is all the time. Well some, like myself do not do that, but I do live with certain people, no names mentioned, that do this. So when the table and benches are not in use, they will be folded up into the cabin walls too.

When you live in small spaces, such as an off grid cabin, you find ways to downgrade your life. We all have too much stuff. You find ways to arrange and organize that others would see as genius! Part of frugal, or simplified living, as I like to call it, is learning to live with less, and do more with the small space you might have. Little things, such as built in shelves really use space that is usually unused. It allows for more space in the cabin and makes for a less cluttered home.

I found this picture on a article that was talking about a cabin that was built to look just like a big gray boulder in the Swiss Alps! How cool is that! The article is here, in case you are interested. Some real cool pictures on that article too. talking about the cabin build. Here in southern MO. on the Shikata Homestead, we have had over 2 weeks of no sunshine. It is gloomy, cold and wet. We had ice and snow so the cabin floor, although covered with a large tarp, is still pinned down with heavy ice and snow melting.

We have ran into a stopping point until we can afford to purchase some large 16 P nails, (all we harvest from pallets is smaller nails, which we will never run out of), a new hand saw ( I have 3 but they are all so beaten down that they won’t cut anything. Even the chainsaw needs a new chain!) and a new hammer (we have 2 but one is on its last leg and the one good one I have is so heavy it causes injury to my arm after so many hours and days on end of hammering with it). When we last posted we talked about starting the floor to the bedroom addition, we have the floor frame laid but have yet to cover it with wafer board until we can get better weather.

I tell you, after so many weeks straight of NO sun, it really gets you down. I just do not feel like doing much of anything! Hopefully, in a day or so, we will see sun. Most of the snow and Ice are gone now but still in the woods, we have plenty. Until next time!


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