Adding onto the cabin


Hello all! Here on the Shikata Homestead, it has been wet and gloomy for almost 3 weeks! We are ready for some SUN! I feel like I live in the Alaska Bearing Straight region! It has slowed our progress on the cabin build, but running out of some supplies, such as good and large nails, has slowed us more so. I have 3 hand saws and they are all so dull they will not cut oak or other hard wood, which is what most pallets are made of. We occasionally get our hands on some good pine pallets but do not want to build with that too much as pine is a soft wood and because of how we are building, we need it to be as structurally strong as possible.

However, we almost have the upper walls to the main part done, all that is left is a handful of pallets that have to be built specific ways. In the picture above you can see that we have the bedroom floor laid. The supports are Missouri ROCK, of course. I mean all we have is rock, so why not use it? The room will be 8×8, just big enough for a single Murphy or futon bed and a few personal things, which is how we live. We do not live extravagant and cluttered. This will be our daughter’s room. Because we actually used pallets to frame up the floor, it took a little bit of customizing to get it exactly 8×8, and, of course, wouldn’t you know, it is NOT exactly 8×8. It is close and a little over that, so we can make due in the finishing work.


In this picture you can see me on the floor nailing down the wafer boards as my wife hands me decent, recycled nails. Most have to be straightened, but I don’t mind, they are free after all. If you look close here you can see the floor was insulated as the main cabin part was. We used pieces of R12 and R13 to cover the holes and insulate the whole floor. It was a pain too, because the pallets are just not perfect and the insulation we had to use this time was taken from the little cabin, which will be going back to the dealership sometime, as most of you know. Right now, it is a storage shed.

DSC09487 DSC09485

Here are two different angles of the bedroom floor after it was done. It gets dark around here about 5 pm. So we were crushed for time because we got started late. It takes a long time to put together a puzzle that you do not have a picture of.


7 thoughts on “Adding onto the cabin

  1. We are on the same journey my friend. Sometimes the project at hand seems like a tiny island against the raging storms of life that are constantly threatening to crash into your dreams. Stay strong for you will see the completion of your home.

    • Honestly, I am feeling down about it. Things about this project are getting to me now. Weather, how far I have to go and how far I have NOT come with it. I am feeling physical injury to my right elbow because of the long hours of pounding that hammer into the nails. An old injury from years ago, I hoped never to have to deal with again. The Turmeric is helping to deal with it. When I see the pictures of the cabin to be, it hurts me, because I am working blind. I have no idea how much time I have, I am just relying on hope and patience. I will see it done, because that is how I am, I will not quit. BUT it needs to be done sooner than later and I am a bit nervous and at the same time sad that I may not be doing such a good job. I am no carpenter, just a man on a mission…Many times in life, this is how I walk and it always seems to come out ok. Thanks for those words my friend 🙂

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