Rain, rain, rain……Ughhh

Missouri rain

Outside Missouri S&T

I am so tired of RAIN! Seriously, it seems, that shortly after we put the floor to the new cabin down (just the wafer board at that) the sun disappeared and the rain started. It has not let up hardly any. If it is not coming down in buckets it is just an annoying mist, sprinkle, but it has been wet here on the homestead for almost a month and a half! It is like Missouri is experiencing a monsoon season. I have not seen a place so rainy since I left Arizona years and years ago. During Arizona’s monsoon season it rains and it rains and it rains.

Because our homestead is in the Ozark forest I feel as if I am living in the rain forest of Central America! Everything stays damp, if not damp it stays wet, plum wet. I am so sick of all this rain and I have not seen the sun in weeks! A peak does not count when there has not been a full sunny day in almost 2 months! Argggg. Even the weather people are having trouble predicting the weather it seems. They will tell you one thing and then before that forecast shows up, it changes, sometimes drastically, sometimes more than one time.

Missouri rain 2

Rural southern Missouri

I would not be complaining except that I am supposed to be building a cabin, ahhhhhhhh! I am very afraid that all this wet weather, because it has lingered soooooooo long, will destroy my cabin floor that is just covered with wafer board. We do have a tarp over it, but now that the walls are mostly up, that tarp collects the water and it just never dries up! We have to move the tarp to dry the tarp out and the floor ends up wet anyhow. I was inspecting the cabin floor 2 days ago, during a partial day of no rain, still no sun, and the wafer board has been wet so long in one area that it was actually bowing up some.

St louis flooding

St. Louis area

If it were not nailed down, it would have probably already been destroyed. I want so bad to get the walls covered with boards, at least, and the roof on this thing to protect it all, but I can not get a day of work in there. If you’ve never tried to hammer in wet weather the nails are slippery and the hammer slides off the nail head a lot and wet wood can break so easily when it is hit with a hammer. Then if you have never used a hand saw on wet wood, you are really not living, hahaha it sucks. Hoping for a dry day SOON!


7 thoughts on “Rain, rain, rain……Ughhh

  1. Stay focused on your goal and as you pound one nail after another the one you are looking for will suddenly arrive and your hand built cabin will be finished. Homesteaders never give up. By the way so far it looks well built and how great you will feel to have given your family their very own home. My constant prayers are with you all to finish right on time.

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