Landmark reached! First window installed on the new cabin


Well here we are again. It has been cold here int he Missouri Ozarks at the Shikata Homestead, but it has been dry and mostly not windy, although today and two days prior, the wind has been a menace I just refuse to deal with. Negative wind chills are nothing to work in. BUT it has been sunny! And that means I can work, when the wind is not that bad, cold temps. don’t bother me, just bundle up, we are used to it here in MO. anyhow. So yesterday I put in the cabin’s first window!! Yes it was and is exciting. I have one other I am ready to install someplace, probably the daughter’s bedroom, but I first have to do some tweaking of the wall, as it is a pallet, before I can install it.

I have to basically change the pallet into a large box and then build in a window frame as you can see in the above picture. The windows are el-cheap o’s that we got for free from a friend of mine, so they will do for now. They are 2×3 feet. Since this is the first time I have ever installed a window, it took me and the wife there a good while to do that one. About 2 hours I think! But we had to cut all the frame parts, measure and such and then, of course, it did not fit, so we had to tweak it and then, of course, we had to fix what we damaged in the tweaking process! Heh…oh well, I never said I was a carpenter anyhow. Just glad there are no building codes off grid here!


My wife was just as proud and excited as I was, it was getting dark but I managed to snap a few photos to share with you before the sun was completely gone for the day. This shot is from the inside of the cabin. I installed this window where the kitchen will be, probably over the counter where the misses and the daughter will be making homemade breads and noodles and such on a large counter top. It is right next to the front door too, so I can see anyone that strangely may show up at my door. Although, if they get past the locked gate, the purple stripes, signs that warn trespassers, the shotgun and the guard dogs……I may not want to see who they are! haha Just a bit of humor there….but really…o.O


My daughter insisted she get a picture with the first window we installed, although she was busy building a wooden toy barn from scrap pallets wood all day! BUT she has been the main helper on this project and I was more than glad to snap this picture and more than proud to say, ” you can be in any picture of the cabin updates you want!”. Anyone else out there have a daughter of 14 that is as awesome as mine is?! Thought not…


(Me connecting the pallets together at the very top of the wall in the bedroom, close up)

Over the course of the past week I was able to complete the walls of the bedroom. That means I have both halves of the walls up and in place, and all the pallets, top and bottom, have been connected. We are now leaving all the boards on the pallets as they come, because we determined we were working too hard and not smarter. So now all I have to do to complete the bedroom is cover the walls outside with wafer board and then I can put the roof on, insulate the inside walls and cover those with wafer board too. We had to rebuild the door frame to the bedroom and will have to do the same with the back door, door frame as well as the bathroom door frame because we used 2×4’s and will need 2×6’s instead.

But it gave me a chance to do it better, so I did not even complain and actually enjoyed it. I have the front door of the cabin framed complete now, as well, and most of the main cabin’s walls placed. I am still custom making pallets to complete the main walls and will still have to connected them together at the top, but I have most connections done there as well.


(Connecting the pallets together at the very top of the wall in the bedroom, looking through bedroom doorway)

Climbing up on top and straddling to do the work like this seems a bit easier for a short man, as myself. I do not yet have a decent size step ladder and a regular ladder would only get in my way because it would push on the pallets and offset them, which would be bed when I drive those 16 penny nails into those oak 2×4’s! I have come up with a cool plan that will be part of the daughter’s bedroom, I am not telling anyone and am still trying to get it all figured out in my head, but you can guarantee I will be sharing pics when it is ready to be unveiled!


3 thoughts on “Landmark reached! First window installed on the new cabin

  1. Congrats on the window! I know how major even small steps can feel (we’re remodeling a 30 year old camper). I look forward to seeing what kind of surprise you come up with for the daughter’s room!

  2. Building one’s own home is a priceless accomplishment. Having family and friends be a part of the process gives a power to a building that makes it seem far more solid than just boards and nails.

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