Cabin all framed up!


As spring rounds that last corner of the homestead, so does the framing of the pallet cabin! In the picture above the cabin is all framed up. We are still working on the attached bathroom and woodshed (back room) but the main 2 rooms, the cabin and the bedroom is ready to receive wafer board on the inside and outside of all the walls, the wall insulation and we are ready to put the roof on! Now that is just plain awesomeness! I am currently awaiting more funds for nails, wafer board, insulation, tar paper and 2×6’s which we will use to frame the roof. I will be working on all this at once, as the funds come in to get the materials we need.


Here is a good corner shot of the cabin, the walls and corners are very strong and sturdy, you can see the bathroom floor laid in the far back. The attached bathroom will be about 5×9 and contain a compost toilet, sink and bathtub. The sink and bathtub will not have running water, at first. However the bathtub and sink will be drained to the outside of the cabin with PVC pipe and the water diverted down the hill into the trees. The compost toilet will be accessible, for emptying the container, from the outside via a small flip up door behind the toilet. The bathtub was donated, the compost toilet I built, but may need to build one to custom fit, and the sink has yet to be obtained, but we are confident!


Here is a shot of the second window in the daughter’s bedroom. I had to custom build the frames for the 2 windows and we will be adding more windows as we acquire them through second hand means.


Here is a good shot of what a pallet floor looks like before it is all put together. We have removed all the boards from one side of the pallet, left all the boards on the other side. This makes a great box type floor that insulation can be laid in and held up off the ground. After that, we can cover the floor with what ever we want, in this case will be wafer boards at first then what we choose later to finish with.


Here we are working on the bathroom floor. It is 6×9 and we used old power pole logs, treated, and stone, from Missouri’s soil, to elevate it with. I used a square to guarantee exactness for the corners and a level to make sure the floor was leveled. I guess this floor will be the best one of all the rooms, haha. It’s a good thing, since we do plan on having a bathtub in this room!


Here is the bathroom floor all framed and ready to get insulated and covered. We have acquired “some” insulation which would work for the floor here too. The door to this compost bathroom will be a smaller opening than usual doors because we will only put a curtain over the door. We do not like a lot of doors to separate rooms in our home.

Well that is about it, we are awaiting more materials so we can put the roof on and I am ready to cover the walls as well. Until then I will be working on the bathroom walls and the floor and walls for the wood room soon.


3 thoughts on “Cabin all framed up!

  1. Just wanted to say you & your family are an absolute inspiration to my family & I. We’re planning to move to the Missouri Ozarks soon & love the pallet house you’re building. We’re hoping to build something similar. Hope all is well.

    • Megan, that is just wonderful to hear. We are all sick currently, weird since I have not been sick in years. But we take 10K ICUs of Vit. D daily so we are recovering extremely fast. Just back in town today (wiffi) after about 3 days down. Soon we will be back to work on the cabin. Since you are planning a move to the Ozarks on MO. you might be interested in our free public yearly event we have planned.

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