Moving forward with the pallet cabin


Well there it is. The bathroom floor is done. It has been insulated and covered with wafer board. It is probably the best floor so far we’ve done, lol Seriously, I used what I should have been using all along, a nice level and a square. We used same supports as we used for all the cabin flooring, seasoned recycled power pole logs, and stone from the property. This floor was built as the bedroom floor was, all pallets. We just pryed the board off one side of some 6 foot long pallets and left the boards on the under side to act as a support to keep the floor insulation off the ground. then we insulated with R-13 covered with plastic and covered the floor with half in wafer board.


Again, we salvaged the insulation, as we have so far with all the insulation for this project, and the wafer board was purchased using donated funds in the beginning of the project. We are still recycling nails from the pallets although we are getting very tired of that. It takes a lot of work straightening EVERY nail and most are not strong enough to go through this very hard oak. So we are again, using donated funds and purchasing some GOOD strong nails. We have to anyhow, because you won’t get 16 D nails from pallets, usually, and we will need those to finish the walls and put the roof rafters on. In the picture above I am just finishing up the bathroom floor with pieces of wafer board I had to cut to fit (floor is about 9×5 or so, wafer board is 4×8, usually).


Installing the last piece of wafer board here in this picture, even though I had to cut it to fit right, it is very strong and all the insulation was covered well, no spaces like I had in the main floor! You can see the recycled, seasoned power pole log we used in the corner supports here, real good. It was a nice warm day, sunny and about 60 degrees. Its really awesome that this year in southern MO. we have not really seen a normal winter. More like a hard fall, but we know all to well that this type of winter signifies a hot and probably dry summer. I can foresee many days spent at the local river!


You can see the little Derksen cabin in the background, they still have not came to get these 2 cabins, after all that mess they put us through. Again, I say, DO NOT buy from Derksen cabin company and expect friendly customer service. We have already started putting the walls up on the bathroom. This time I am placing the pallets with the 2×4’s vertical, instead of horizontal. Trying to see what way I feel better with, already wish I had done the whole cabin like that, but you live and learn and this is the first house I have ever built. When we are done, this will be a compost bathroom, with a compost toilet a sink that has no running water but drains to the outside down the hill there and a bathtub with no running water, but also drains down the hill. We only use biodegradable soaps on the homestead. Hope everyone is doing ok, all three of us here, at the homestead, have fallen ill. However, we are recovering very fast and using all natural means to do so. Love you all!


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