Recovering, finally


After a long and hard winter here at Dogwood Hollow we have decided that 2015 holds some major changes in store for us. Although it is only March and the snow has not yet totally left the homestead, as we are inundated now with massive amounts of water, mud and slush, we have already been talking about the possible changes. We won’t be revealing any plans just yet though. We know all too well of how our plans can and will change in no time. So until things are final and an actual change has commenced, we will just say there is just talk for now nothing set in stone.

March has brought us a warming trend at the homestead as February was brutal for us off grid here. We have not been able to drive our Caravan up our driveway, and park it OFF the road, for over a month now! It’s breathtaking walking up a 200 foot muddy, snow covered dirt road through the backwoods, usually around midnight, during a snow storm and sub zero temps! I for one have had enough. Try doing that while sick with walking pneumonia! Yes, I am sick, I have been suffering greatly with pneumonia but the last 5 days I have been able to dose myself with Echinacea tea, Vitamin C and Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE).

This has resulted in some recovery that I feel is long overdue. A trip to Illinois to see my momma, ended me and the whole family sick with bronchitis which didn’t last long, we thought. Then a relapse of the daughter and I and the recovery¬†for my wife seemingly idle, resulted in more bronchial infection for my daughter and a nice collectors edition of viral pneumonia for me! It has been ages since I have been this ill. This is one of the reasons for my absence of blogging, hard to get out of the bed, let alone out of the woods when you have pneumonia and there snow is 12 inches, or more deep with sub zero temps and 30 MPH north winds! (You’ve already been told of the walk)

When we first got ill, we were not prepared. It has just been rare for the family to become this sick while living off grid these last 5 years. We usually have GSE and Echinacea on hand, we let it all run dry and we suffered for that. As soon as we were able to get more of these 2 wonderful natural medicines, we found ourselves recovering quite quickly. So here we are 5 days in to the GSE at 15 drops, 3 times a day, in a warm cup of Echinacea tea or other medicinal tea or orange juice, our favorite. The recovery is fast and we have not had fevers for many days now. Someone ever try and tell you natural medicinal does not work or is slower or weaker than pharmaceutical drugs, you challenge them!

I will. I have had many people ask me, “wow, you got better quick, what did you use”? When I tell them of the GSE and Echinacea combination they scarf and some laugh and others just plain ignore it. Then they come to me weeks later still sick taking their garbage anti-biotics and ask, what they can do to get better…….makes ME want to scarf and laugh and walk away. I can not stress it enough, if you are ill, and there is a fever present, you have an infection and need antibiotics. I AM a Medical School graduate as well as an Herbalist so I know a bit about it. In this case you need to get some GSE and Echinacea tea and in 3-5 days you will be almost 100%, works every time.

No side effects, just plain healing.


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