With winter behind us, spring is here and so is gardening season!


It’s been sometime since we updated the blog, mainly because not much takes place on the homestead during winter…however, since our last blog spring has sprung, we have all recovered well, I remain with some left over asthma that is just a mild nuisance at times, in time it will fade…I hope 🙂 It’s been warm, quite warm actually, and rainy. We actually heard our first thunderstorm since last year recently! Always such a treat in the woods and in a place where we do not have any light pollution.

It is gardening season on the homestead. We have tall starts of tomatoes, probably about 4 different types of heirloom tomatoes. I have planted 108 starts of tomatoes. Yes we grow some tomatoes! Some are about 4 inches tall and ready to be put into the ground. During this time in southern Missouri Ozarks, the rain and storms can be drastic in March and early April. Usually I do not get tomatoes into the ground until about May. This year, we will have tomatoes planted a month earlier thanks to these starts. So as soon as the rains calm some, I will place the seedlings in the ground.


Today, 4 of us at the Dogwood Hollow Homestead planted 37 hills of organic Yukon Gold potatoes. This is only about half of what we originally planned on doing, and as it seems that will turn out quite a lot of potatoes. SO, I am leaning more towards planting some sweet potatoes. After careful research on just how to do this, (never done it before) I feel more confident. On March 20th, we had our 2nd annual spring gathering at the homestead and probably due to the weather, had one person show up.

We are looking at reforming our Eco-village this year. Some of you may recall we used to operate as the Shikata Homestead community and Eco-village. So our only goer to this years gathering has stuck around, she is still with us and has already managed to find a warm spot in our hearts 🙂 She is family. So we were all in the garden a lot these last 2 weeks, since the gathering and we have beets planted, 2 types of heirloom lettuce, carrots, about 500 sweet peas. Chickens have started laying too! Yay! We are currently getting a half dozen a day 🙂



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