Springing back into gear!


After some down time towards the end of winter, in anticipation of springs arrival and the start of gardening season, we slacked off on the pallet cabin building and other projects around the homestead. Well towards the end it always comes down to wood cutting, splitting and stacking anyhow. So now we are well into an awesome gardening season and back to work on the pallet cabin, which we will be moving into once cold weather comes back around about October or so.

So in the pictures above you can see some recent pictures I snapped today of the garden’s progress. We have had some awesome rain lately a few days and we have managed to collect hundreds of gallons of water. The garden is really responding well to all the rain. In picture 1 is a wide shot of the main garden. Picture 2 is a shot of about 32 tomato plants and in between those plants we have turnips growing quite well. This year we loosed the soil by mixing in a good amount of saw dust. It seems to have worked. Here in Missouri the soil really is rocky and usually sucks for ground growing, this is one way to fix that. In picture 3 is a good shot of how tall the tomato plants are, this one is the largest and it is about 10 inches tall now. If ya’ll remember last year, we had bushel after bushel of tomatoes from our heirloom organic garden.

0505151402 0508151139 0508151140

Pictures 1 is our first radish from the garden. This is a cherry belle and we planted those, French Breakfast and White Icicle types this year. I think the cherry belles are the easiest to grow! Picture 2 is our Chamomile plants, these we planted 2 years ago, they come back every year. Next year I will have them in a raised box all alone where they can spread all they like, getting tired of transplanting plants scattered all around the garden! Picture 3 is this years potato garden. We planted Yukon gold and reds last year, harvested 20 lbs. This year we have about double that planted and already have golf ball size potatoes, we will have a lot to store this year.

0508151140a 0508151140b 0508151141

In the first pictured here you can see just how good the potatoes are growing! They are actually very tall now. Picture 2 is a row of heirloom tomatoes along a fence for later support. Picture 3 is some Arugula, some of the first seed we planted in March.

0508151141a 0508151141b 0508151141d

In these pictures you can see our sweet peas, we have planted 500 plants along 2 fences, they are about 16-18 inches tall now. Next is a close shot of the peas, we planted these in March and they are doing well. Picture 3 is  our winter onions that I actually put in the ground last fall. These you use just the green tops and you never pull them, so awesome.

0508151141e 0508151142 0508151142a

Here s the peppermint/strawberry box, then the peppermint up close, it is 2 years old now and then some cute sun flowers. We plant heirloom sunflowers, these grow 3 smaller flowers on one stalk! They are about 18 inches tall now.

0508151142b 0508151142c 0508151142d 0508151142e 05081511430508151143a

Now from top left to the right you can see our radishes, spearmint, oregano, rosemary, basil (coming in) and dill.

0508151143c 0508151143d 0508151143e 0508151144 0508151144a 0508151144b

Beets, not sugar. Then tomatoes, purple romaine lettuce planted in March, corn which is about 8 inches high now, our largest cabbage plant with the mustard green row in the background and then the mustard green row which is just now really doing well. It had a slow start, I think because of the lack of early spring sun.

0508151144c 0508151145 0508151145a 0508151146 0508151146a 0508151146b

Here we got yellow crook neck squash, pickling cucumbers (we planted loads!), wild poke weed (yes we eat that), In the picture with the cabin in the background you can see our newest garden this year, my daughter’s herb and flower garden. She calls it the Singing Garden of Life, very cool. Last picture here is a shot of her red clover doing well.

So over all we are doing well. Everything has greened up around us in the woods here and we are enjoying nightly campfires in the summer kitchen we put up to be used until about October. Our 2nd annual spring gathering was a success and our 2nd annual summer gathering has been planned for June 12th-14th and it is sure to bring in some good ole fashioned fun. Join us if you would like to know more about us and out way of life we love to teach! https://www.facebook.com/events/368944839945077/


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