Bad year for gardening?


Cucumbers that are suffering from bad pollination

Are your cucumbers looking like these? These are what we are getting this year. Not to mention the tomatoes we have this year.


Tomato catfacing

This is the result of to much water, to much rain! It has done nothing but rain, rain, rain here in southern Missouri on the homestead. These issues are not controllable. Tomatoes that are given to much water during their young phase will have catfacing. Cucumbers during the pollination phase NEEDS bees to pollinate them and if all it does is rain and cloud over for weeks on end, as it did here a month ago, then you will end up with these issues. No problem with the fruits edible status, but they look bad. Folks who grow heirloom vegetables and do so naturally and organically will see more of these issues because the hybrids are bred to withstand this.

It has rained so much that are are having a bad year in the garden. We did manage to get in a nice 500 plant crop of sweet peas and canned up a good 4 quarts.

Sweet peas

500 organic sweet pea plants

And we did do well in the beginning with the lettuce and all the cool weather crops. But most of that got eaten and so the canned stores is small from the garden still, but we do still have the fall harvest coming. In fact we are beginning to plant fall crops now. Also, we had some good stuff given to us, such as a case of plums, 2 bushels of beets and some others, that we successfully canned. We did get beets this year, which is new for us, although not real big, we were happy. We will need to loosen our soil for better root crops next season.

As for the potatoes, it seems that they grew fast, came early and left quick. We managed to get about 8 lbs, which is a far cry from good, but we still have some hopefuls in the ground. Herbs are doing well. We have loads of peppermint and the strawberries did ok too, although we had ours cluttered and they will need to be properly cultivated next year. Melons are still growing but seems to be doing ok, for now. Slow, but then again, everything is slow this year. We are not getting the harvest of squash and Zucchini as we usually do this year. Seems like nothing is growing well. Those that have followed us for some time will recall that last year we had a bumper crop of that fruit, as well as tomatoes.

We will get our tomatoes…ugly as they are, we will get them. Over all, the garden has suffered greatly but we are still getting fruit and even the turnips that rotted last year, we were able to get 2 bushels from them this year!


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