Pallet cabin still in the works, not given up yet!


Slow it comes, not as steady as it once was but then again, all things change and never stay the same. We have been hard at work with the gardening and canning, preserving and planting of the fall garden as well as reforming the Dogwood Hollow Eco-community and we are proud to announce we have been successful in reforming and are now, again, operating as an off grid eco-community, now with 5 members total. 3 and a half cabins onsite and 3 garden plots!

New chickens, ducks and rabbits and a pig in the works as well as dairy goat (once again), long overdue and so we have not had a lot of free time. Isn’t that just how it goes on the homestead? Sure it is! Now it is wood cutting season. Time to fall those trees and start getting ready for winter prep. BUT the cabin is not ready to move into. We are still in our large 12-24 Derksen cabin and we still have our smaller Derksen cabin, which we use as a guest cabin from time to time.

We want to be in our pallet cabin but we are at some places in its building phase where we need more help and strong help. As we lack such help at the homestead, the roof trusses, that are built from harvested cedar and persimmon trees on the property, are ready to be placed on the cabin but are too heavy for the help we have here. BUT we will eventually get it done. Once the 4 log trusses are lifted and placed we can add the 8 rafter logs to tie the trusses together and then start the tedious covering of the roof with pallet boards, then felt paper and then particle board and eventually the metal.


We’ve had some windows donated to use as well as a screen door, so we have built all the window frames and installed all but 1 window. We are still using all recycled pallet wood and harvested logs from the homestead. Here is a shot of one of the frames I built recently.


We still have wall covering to do and we have been slowly adding boards, which have to ALL be cut to 40 inches to fit. Changes have been made as we have been going along and some have kept up. We first wanted to cover the walls with felt paper and then particle board. Now we have decided to place the pallet boards closer together, cover the walls with cob and call it a day!


So now I am placing the boards closer and where there are wide separations between the boards I am using a wider pallet board and overlapping to cover the separation. The result, it actually looks better than just the single boards!


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