Our new homestead member, Wilbur

Our new homestead member.

Our new homestead member

For a long time we have been wanting pigs. We kept talking about getting some, finally we got a free male piglet from a friend of ours. On the way home we were deciding a name for him and I said “Lets call em Wilbur, like the pig from the Charlotte’s Web book.”

We have had Wilbur for three weeks and he is starting to play with us. He is a very curious pig and loves to uproot rocks. We threw a large tin can in is pen and he plays with the can. He has a metal food plate and I believe he plays with more than the tin can.

Sometimes when you go into the pen he will be asleep in his house (I rebuilt for him) and he will run out very fast and squeal! That just scares us bad! Every morning when we feed him, he comes out with a hay wig on. Its the cutest sight you’d ever see! Every once and a while I can barely touch his back. He wont let you sit there and pet him like he is a dog. He runs all over the pen, you cant catch him.

Some days you will be sitting drinking tea or tending to the garden and out of the blue you hear a real loud squeal. We jump up fast and look down there where Wilbur is and he is freaking out. Red wasp like to fly around Wilbur’s pin so we believe he gets sting. Every morning and all day he looks out the gate up where we are and stands there watching us and snorting. He grunts all day, a low soft grunt. His little tail is starting to curl and he just loves to wag that tail. He will wag that tail all day long, I think it means he is happy.

It rained a bit today so Wilbur should be happy being in the rain. Wilbur is starting to make a mud spot in front of his house. Once we get a female and they are both ready to mate, we will mate them and sell/eat them. We will soon start on a smoke house so we can smoke meat.


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