Modern Life and the point of awakening

Chainlink fence

I was born into this culture where money is king and everyone has to have it in order to live a “decent” life. You have to have money in order to afford all you need and want and the more money you have the more things you can afford which, we were taught, is supposed to make your life better. In order to have this money you have to work a job which takes away from your life and your kids time and your loved ones time and from your own time. We are told that this was what we were supposed to do and that everyone is doing it and one day, when you get enough money, you will be able to afford a life that is the best it can be…..problem is…that is a lie.

So almost 6 years ago, I dropped out of that and now every waking moment in my life is spent either with my daughter, my wife, myself or doing something for those two people and myself in order to make sure my family is happy, healthy and truly free. The existence my family faces is not to make more money just to buy more gas for a car that will take us back to our job just to make more money that will buy more gas for a car that will take us back to a job that will……well as you can see it’s just one big never ending circle and then one day you die. The existence we face, instead, is to live life healthier, more peaceful, quieter, slower, truly more free and always for each other and truly better.

log cabin rustic

Not for just us but for all that encompasses our life, those seeking what we have found, nature, as we are just stewards, and the animals around us that rely on what we do or don’t do every year. What have you accomplished that will go with you when you die? Do you have all the coolest stuff? That stuff stays behind when you die. So now I spend my life living for myself and my family and doing what has to be done in order to survive which makes our lives better. Not only that, but what we do makes our environment better, makes other peoples lives better and makes animals and Eco-systems lives better. Because we practice what we preach, I live what I write and I teach what I know to those willing to learn, to those that WANT it bad.

To this day, I have never regretted, one time, my decision to embark on this life changing journey. Hats off to my wife for standing beside me through it all, to my daughter for her working just as hard as me, or harder, to make me proud and to make sure I do not have to do it alone, and to those that have came to us hungry for what we have found. For those that do not understand what I am talking about, or those that just refuse to see the truth because it means changing everything you’ve ever knew, I only hope one day you will wake up. From the moment that we are born we are taught that we need things. Yes, we need things, but we need far less that what we are taught and truly different things that what we consider “must haves”.

Weapons of mass deception

In this age people have been brainwashed into believing fiction over truth. They have had their minds infiltrated and priorities flip flopped and things turned upside down. Don’t think I am being fair? Consider this..more people have switched needs for wants than ever in history and truly believe their wants are their needs and needs their wants. They have been taught that what they need can be given to them by their government and what they want is what is important. Folks have no idea what a want and a need is now. How many people do you know that feel that their cell phone is a need! Just a short time ago, telephones, you know the telephones that actually was tethered to the wall, were home bodies.

Not able to be taken anywhere. We had voice recording machines that sat right next to the telephone and recorded messages from those that called you when you were not there. Then we upgraded to voice mail which did the same thing but was less private. You could return people’s calls when you were home and had time. Sure wasn’t large amounts of people dying all over the place because we could not have the telephone in our hands everywhere we were 24/7. That is because a cell phone is NOT a need, it is a luxury item. I have heard people, these days, say they had to have their cell phone and there are even people that go to ridiculous lengths to keep their cell phone usable.

Cell phone eye

Some go hungry because they believe that they have to spend their last few bucks to keep their cell phone turned on when they need food! This is placing life giving food second to your cell phone! Is this truly intelligent? Of course not. People’s priorities have been messed up. There are some people, today, that not only do not have a cell phone, but who do not have a phone at all, I am proud to be one of those. I have seen people have nothing at all, but they are never seen without a cell phone in their hand and that means all their money is being spent on that cell phone. That is just one example of a want falsely being believed to be a need. There are people who feel that their car is a need. Sure IF you live a life where this is necessary, it is.

But you do not have to live in a way that makes a vehicle such a awesome need. Truly, really, a vehicle is a luxury item. Those that spend every waking dollar on their ride(s) and always are in need of things that is actually needed to sustain their life has their priorities confused, for sure. Not only are their people, today, that do not have a vehicle, but they are thriving too, again, I am proud to be one of those folks. A large expensive house is NOT a need, it is a want. It is a luxury item and does not have to be so extravagant. That is why the tiny house movement is so darn huge right now, people are waking up and have came to realize this truth. People are taught that they have to have so much room per body that it is simply ridiculous.

cabin snowscape

It is a fact that a person is happier and less stressed and healthier living in space that is much smaller than the average house of today’s society. You might be thinking, where would I put all my stuff if I had a place so much smaller? That is the problem I am writing about…you have to much STUFF. Things that actually do not matter, that does not contribute to a better life for you. You live in a world where you have been taught you need the biggest, best stuff to be successful and/or happy…again….this is a big lie. Those that have less, live simpler and know this as truth are much happier, less stressed, healthier and over all live a more successful and satisfied life than the opposite type.

How can that be true you ask. Well it’s simple, in fact. We were not meant to live as they want you to believe, with so much stuff, living a life so complex. Your mind and body knows this and so when it is faced with simplicity, as I speak of, a familiar feeling arises and automatically harmonizes with you. People are taught how to live according to what will profit the big corporations most. You are told you need things, so you have to have a job, and to get to that job you have to have a car and a phone. And the car needs gas and the phone needs money so you have to work to make more money to fill the gas tank and keep that phone active so that the circle… never ends. Somewhere in that rat race you are supposed to have a life worth living.


Problem is, this is not natural, so your inner being will never get along with it. You are, instead, forced to created a false since of security and happiness and satisfaction as well as a false since of success so that your life makes since…yet it still don’t seem to make since, truly. That is your inner being revolting. But because you don’t know anything else, no other way to live AND because you have built your life out of this mess, then you continue on walking your life path never satisfied and never understanding of how you feel inside, that feeling you keep suppressed so that you can continue on in your false since of happiness. The truth hurts, but the truth will also set you free. Yes, classic words, but can there be any other words so perfect?

Think about what you have, each item, and ask yourself whether you need it to actually sustain life or is it a luxury item. If you can not truly justify life without it, then you have a needed item. Really all a person needs in order to live a rewarding, healthy, sustainable, happy life is, food, water, shelter, clothing of sorts, and the means to keep all that going. Notice I said nothing about convenient food, tap water, modern house, or picture perfect clothing. That is because those big corporations you are supporting by buying all the biggest and best stuff don’t want you to believe that, and this is what most people’s current life displays. Food can be grown, raised, hunted, foraged and traded locally with those that do the same to get their food.

wild water

Water should be from wild sources and you use WAY to much water. Of course you are taught that water is a never ending source and will always be there when you turn on the tap. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Wild sources are private wells, springs, rivers, streams and caught rain water. It taste better, is healthier and cost you nothing. Same with the food. Foraging, raising and hunting meats, and trade all cost minimal which is done right…cost nothing. Seed can be harvested, traded for, given to you and this is not out of the ordinary, instead, it is actually normal. Forage is always free. Hunting can be free if you go back to the old ways, which many, today, have done.

Raising of animals for meat and meat products can be a free start up if you trade properly with what you already have. Trade is always free, and should never include actual cash to be considered actual barter and trade. It cost you nothing to catch rain water, gather from a wild source and once you have a well installed it cost you nothing if you go with the old style (manual pump draw). Alternatively, a lot of people will share their well with you in your area. It has been my experience that this is very true, if not so easy, a nice barter or trade helps! The truth is you are caught between a rock and a hard place in your life and this is just where they want you.


Once you are set in your ways it is hard to change. That, again, is what the big corporations and the evil controlling elites, your government, wants. It’s called control. Some people are comfortable in their current modern days lives, at least on the outside and around people. It always seems to be true that most people that claim this feels very different inside and behind closed doors. You see, it has become the norm to wear a mask. Well because everyone is doing it, in the same boat and this is all they know as life. This is because your natural being conflicts with modern life, it is not natural.

So what do you do to get out of this hell? Well step one is to wake up. If you can not see the cage you live in then you do not feel the need to escape. Ask questions, never take the first answer, always seek more information, alternative answers to life’s challenges, life’s ways. Once you are awake you need to get to the point of no return, get fed up to a point that it literally changes you. Get to the point where you are done, truly fed up and change is inevitable. Don’t give up and make the changes that results in actual freedom and true happiness. When you are not going with the flow, not consuming as much as you are giving back, it’s a good start.


You’ve got to want to do things differently. You’ve got to agree and understand that you’ve been misled, used and lied too by those that want the power to remain in their hands. Talk with those that have broken free and are living differently, happy and free. Ask for help from those that are awake and have experience. Associate with those that think the same as your new way of thinking. Those you associated with, hang out with has to be part of your change because when you are different you will always be bombarded with attacks from those that are asleep.

If we keep moving forward we will never amount to nothing but an end. If history has taught us anything, which it’s hard to understand why this is not true, it has to be that we are on a road of self destruction and the end is near and truly not pretty nor successful. Rome, the world’s most powerful democracy, went down the road we are traveling now. They destroyed themselves just like we are doing. Think we aren’t? Consider this. We are so far off on our modern day medicine that we have turned our backs on what has worked since the dawn of time, for 1000’s of years, and went with what causes MORE problems, if used, just so we can create and secure a financial parachute.

natural medicine

What I said is food, water, everything is engineered to make people sick just so they can give you modern medicine that makes you sicker or does nothing for you except mask symptoms, so that you have to depend on them more all just to make as much money as possible and to make sure that dollar river of money never stops flowing! Natural medicine, old ways, plants and herbs, organic food and spices, clean water and natural vitamins go to the root of the problem, have worked for 1000’s of years, work with no side effects and actually heal….but it cost you nothing. Therefore you pay out nothing, which makes no one rich. This is the norm, this is modern life and modern medicine, it is the elite at the top that are banking.

Genetically modified foods are the norm today. Foods that have been altered or produced in a laboratory instead of grown in the ground, using ancient organic techniques, that have always produced enough food for the world. Humans have decided that they are God and that they can replace natural with man-made and it is better. When they decided that hey decided our fate. We have turned our backs on heirloom seeds, traditional foods, real foods and now produce seed, foods that was said to be better, but have shown completely the opposite.

GMO stop

In fact, that path of destruction is really showing bright now with all the diseases being created, bees (pollinators) and Monarch butterflies disappearing from the planet, birds dying and falling from the sky, fish dying by the hordes and washing ashore, “super weeds” and “super bugs (viruses)” replacing simple weeds and viruses. Do you know they are blending dangerous scorpion venom with certain seeds, producing this thing they call food and want to market it to you in your local grocery stores? Hard to believe and some don’t, won’t, problem for their defense is all this is backed up with a bit of research on the internet!

They are using agent orange, the same agent orange defoliator used in Vietnam during the war that resulted in massive poisoning of our veterans with symptoms showing years later, and legally spraying our farm lands with it just to get rid of the “super weeds” their stupid genetically modified seeds as well as their massive increased use of chemical pesticides, are helping create! And this is right? Most American people, as well as the American government, is so damn stupid that they believe they can simply produce something more powerful, more potent, more dangerous to combat their screw up and make it all better. This is not only an asinine way of thinking but beyond stupidity and ignorance.

Has humanity really got to a point where they feel they are as powerful or more so than nature- than God? Yes, and this is the path of self destruction the Romans went down…we are there, following in a dead civilizations footsteps. So it is up to you. Be a part of the coming destruction of this civilization or be part of the change now and reach those you can with the truth, even if that means you only reach your family and yourself.

-Author Merlyn Seeley


3 thoughts on “Modern Life and the point of awakening

  1. I made the first move toward getting off the hamster wheel 13 years ago when I decided to begin the process of disengaging, but I’m still working at making that work. It’s a difficult addiction to break, lol.

    • Madison, when I decided to leave society it took me 1 month. You have to accept that you are in a cage and you want out. You have to jump and that is the best advice I can give. 6 years ago when I mentioned to a male friend of mine, “I hope my wife does well with the change”, he told me to throw her in head first, she will sink or swim. I did that and she floats well, lol. What I seen through that message, years ago, was that my happiness is not worth anyone holding me back from going to get it. Obviously that friend knew what I was getting into and knew what was waiting for me on this side of life. SO….Jump and never look back, you won’t be sorry. In fact, I am extending my personal hand to aid you. If you need any advice, anything at all, you know how to get a hold of me.

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