Winter gardening anyone?

Its been so warm here on the homestead this year (winter started 3 days ago??) that we have stuff growing in the garden! Herbs we planted last summer are still with us. So on the 21st, my daughter and I got out in the 68 degree weather and planted garlic and winter potatoes. We are planting the potatoes as the original homesteaders did some 200 or more years ago. In a 12 inch deep trench with straw on top and bottom covered with a layer of dirt mounded.

The potatoes will grow all winter and come spring when it warms more, will sprout and we will have very early potatoes! This will allow us 2 crops a year too. We have bok choy that is about 3 inches high. The garlic was a trade we recently did with our Egyptian walking onions and are about 3 generations old, I think. We love heirlooms!


4 thoughts on “Winter gardening anyone?

  1. I am on vacation and would like to come see your homestead. Do you have any time this week for a visitor? I live near Branson and would love to talk with you. Please feel free to text me at 417-527-3037. Thanks BC

    • Hi Barbara, would text you but we do not use phones 🙂 Well we always have time for a good visitor! It is winter now, so things are ugly where we are, lol We close for winter but can always make time for a visitor. So there is not really much going on, but we would enjoy some great conversation and some good cast iron cookin. What day would you be showing in Houston? Are you wanting to meet in town of Houston or are you thinking of driving out to the homestead?

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