Life at Dogwood Hollow Homestead has a spiritual meaning, allow me to explain


I am a spiritual being, this means I relish in whispering my secrets to the trees as if they had ears, laughing with the flowers because it makes me feel better knowing they will never judge me as people do, falling in love with the sunsets because I understand that when the sun sets there is supposed to be a halt to your current actions and reflect on the fact that you are still alive and that this day could be your last and that very day will never be back. Actually consulting the water because you feel that in some way, the water has been there in a previous life as a person and worshiping the stars because I understand their worth to you as a human on earth. With out them imagine the darkness that would seemingly swallow you.


Feeling the breeze as if someone touches you, hearing the spring babble and seemingly like there are words being spoken but just in a different language, watching the stars twinkle and wondering if there is some sort of soul they posses and can see you the same, watching the clouds as they travel across the sky and not being bored with that. Catching the scent of freshly dug soil and visualizing the scent as the actual soul of the earth entering your nostrils and blending with your soul, raindrops falling on my face and visualizing those drops purifying your physical pain as if some sort of natural medicine, paying attention to lightning from my door but never afraid because there is an understanding that if you are one with nature, even the lightning will not harm you. The silence after snow has fallen, to me feels, as if the earth has entered a state of meditation and is currently resetting its own mind for the new year, that is on the horizon.

Forest, landscape, woods, foggy

Actually HEARING the silence…actually HEARING the snow falling on the snow already resting on the ground. Listening to the kettle on the wood stove and getting a since of inner peace beyond belief, smelling cedar burn and allowing this to open my eyes to actual change and what was meant when the Buddha said….everything changes, staring at the stars until you fall over from losing your balance after losing all since of reality in the moment. Spiritual person I am, I am the trees, I am the air, the soil and they are me. I FEEL a true actual connection to nature as if it were a human! To me the trees awaken slowly, like when you come from a deep sitting meditation slowly. It’s true, out here, the silence actually has a sound! I know that sounds nuts, but you know what I mean, if you’ve heard it. For years, I didn’t understand as a different person living in society, I thought I did. NOW I know what people meant. The silence is not so silent! And I relish in this fact that true peace and serenity can be achieved if you just get away!


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