Building the pallet cabin….again 2016

Cabin with tarp cover 2016.JPG

This is the most recent shot, I took this just a few days ago

We have gotten back to work on the pallet cabin I started almost 2 years ago. Life has dictated that this cabin is to be home, whether we want it done or not. Fortunately we are on the verge of a breakthrough, at least that is what it feels like. Not only are we about to be rid of own two very poor quality Derksen Buildings, but we came into some funds that allowed us to really get the pallet cabin back to a standing that made it seem possible that it would actually get done before the next winter! In other words I have found a new since of excitement to work on this little cabin and was able to really feel good about all the recent work we have been able to put into it.

We now have the ceiling covered, the door frames all built and installed, the main part of the cabin has had the floor rebuilt since we let it get bad over time. It is better than ever though! We have placed 14 foot 2×6’s on the ceiling, covered that with quarter inch OSB and then “tarped” the whole thing to avoid what the elements did to the floor boards last time. And because we have the floor practically done, ready for a covering of sorts. Maybe a carpet that can be swept easily since we have no use for a vacuum. We used 12 foot 2×6’s to redo the floor and then covered that with 5/8 inch OSB, it is very sturdy now.

Cabin supplies 2016.JPG

So we have just one window to install, 2 boards to place on the floor, a piece of OSB to place on the ceiling, the front and back doors to build and install (we will be using treated lumber for this, 6 foot 1×6’s in a barn door style), then we cover the inside and outside walls with OSB. The we can begin work on the roof, which will take time. But until then we will be living in this cabin as it is weather proof now. We can work as we have time on the inside to finish it before winter. So insulation and such can be done over the spring, summer and fall months.

Working on cabin ceiling 2016 (6).JPG

If you have missed it all since the beginning I will add the whole lot of pictures for you to see and share here, enjoy!

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