Pallet cabin main room 90 percent ready!

Cabin with tarp cover 2016

Well if you have been following our blog for some time now, you should have caught the update post I did on the pallet cabin project. It included every picture we have since we began this journey, in a slideshow. Well we hope you enjoyed that. What we have for you today is another update. We have been using all the sunny and warmer days we can, this month, to get really caught up and as close as we can to finishing this cabin because we want to get into it  as quick as we can now.

So we have all been working very hard. My wife took a hard fall when we started off a shaky chair, as we were putting up the ceiling boards. She is ok now, almost fully recovered with just some bumps and bruises. My daughter and I have especially been kicking our own butts lately, so we have a day off today. We work from right after a late first meal until there is not enough daylight left. Then we relax and do it again the next day. After a few days like this, we are beat and we take a day or 2 off.

So here is the most recent shot of the inside of the main part of the cabin. To recap, the main part is all recycled pallets, recycled nails (mostly) and reclaimed wood, even some fresh tree logs were used in the foundation. Now as we near the end of this project we have begun to put a little money into it to speed it along.


Here is a recent shot of the inside of the main part

The shot above is of the main part, it was shot the day we finished the floor, right after we placed in that window, the last one, and right after we finished the ceiling. We used 2×6’s laid on their sides to build the raised floor above the old sub floor that ruined over 2 years of elemental damage. It was not so bad that it had to be replaced, but we did have to replace one 4×8 sheet of it’s wafer board. We used 5/8 inch wafer (OSB) board for the sub floor and the permanent floor. We had to really work with the sub floor to get the main floor as level and sturdy as we could. It was really a mess. Now, it simply is great!


Shot of the access to the attic

The access to the attic is boxed in with 2×6’s and will have a hinge door that open to the attic over it. I will seal the door with weather stripping if I have to. The wafer board on the ceiling is 7/16 inch and will be painted white for lighting, most likely. We use Eco-friendly paints. Because I am no carpenter, heh, we had a job for us putting this wafer board up. Our straight cuts were not so straight when we placed the boards up because of the offset of the cabins foundation and walls.


Shot of the finished floor

When its all said and done, despite all the mess ups, the injuries, soreness, fatigue, etc. we will have a sturdy cabin that we built ourselves on our own property, off grid, in the Ozarks forest and we will own no one a darn penny!

Working on cabin door frames 2016

Front door, door frame

We built the last door frame and installed that on the front door. Now all we need is to build the front and back doors and install those. We have already purchased the wood for this. We bought 12 foot, treated 1×6’s and will use those to build 2 doors that will be barn style, with neat little Z on it and all 🙂

Hats off to my beautiful daughter for all her hard work

We do not have electricity where we are. We use hand tools and although it is a heck of a workout, we have a sense of satisfaction that is extraordinary. If you have never had to cut quarter inch OSB the length of 8 foot with a hand saw, then you don’t understand that. It is a J O B, to say the least and this 15, almost 16, year old girl really puts the W in work. Here she is cutting the floor boards to our cabin. She would cut one and I would switch off and cut the other. Together we are bringing this cabin dream to reality.


Siding going on the cabin!

Probably the most exciting of all, the siding is going on the outside cabin walls. We are using wafer board, size 7/16 same as we used for the ceilings inside. We have to do some fancy cutting here and will continue, but because this actually means we are very close to being able to be in this cabin with all our stuff safe from the rain…..we don’t mind the work one bit! Right now, our plans are to cover the pallets with this wafer board and then over time, put cedar cut offs on the wafer board as a permanent covering. When we are done, it will look as if it is a cedar cabin! We can get the cut offs from a wood mill nearby for discount prices, very exciting!

So if you are following us, awesome to see the accomplishments we have done..I know, but just think. If we can do it…so can you! Love you all! Peace.


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