Pallet cabin building Spring 2016, onward


Well from the picture you can all see we have made good progress on the pallet cabin. As of 2016, we have laid the main floor, began covering the walls, put up the ceiling in the main part and done a lot of side work. Side work, such as, adding ceiling/roof supports where needed, tweaking places where things should have been done better, redoing some places that were not done as good as could be, moving windows to new preferred positions etc. Because the cabin is not exactly square, we have had continuous issues with everything we do. Something as simple as hanging the front door, as you can see has been done recently, becomes a chore.

Recently we have been adding on more wall boards (OSB) and getting the walls all ready for when the roof is installed we can go ahead and insulate and cover the walls inside. We have until October, usually, here in southern MO. to have the cabin winter ready. Then it becomes wood stove season and we will need to keep warm. So we have about 6 months to get the roof on, the insulation in and covered, wood stove installed and all the winterizing done, which will involve a good bit of caulking and crack covering.


That’s me there with the goofy smile and the short legs. My wife and I built the front door using treated white pine and just ordinary wood screws. At first we thought we wanted to water and wind proof the door by sandwiching black paper between 2 door pieces like the one in the picture. BUT after we had this all built it was quite heavy and very sturdy, so we decided it was best to save resources and just caulk the seams between the boards instead. I used 3 heavy duty hinges to hang this door and, again, had to tweak it a bit, as well as the door frame and jam to make it all fit on a crooked building! Oh well, it eventually got done and it fits very nicely. A little weather stripping and this baby will be very nice.

As soon as I find it, I am going to be making an old fashion handle for the door out of an old crooked hickory branch piece! We like the old style and we like it natural and cheap, so we won’t be buying any fancy modern day door handles for this door! Using nothing but a battery powered drill/screw driver, hand saw, some wood screws, tape measure and a classic square my wife and I were able to build this door with no previous experience…ever. You can do the same. As always with us, self sufficiency is the name of the game and we play it happily.


This ole wood stove is what we will be moving into the cabin once it is done. We will have lower ceilings in the cabin than we do now in the Derksen building, so heating the cabin will be much easier. Over all the cabin we are building will be so much more insulated than the cabins we have stayed in over the past 6 years! Sad, you pay so much for a pre-built Amish cabin and you get lousy garbage and crappy service to boot! My motto, if you want it done right, do it yourself. Once our pallet cabin is all done we will be able to build onto it, expand how ever we want and we will owe no one 1 dime on a house mortgage, now that is freedom.

The satisfaction of  living in a cabin that you built with you own hands can not be understood until you do it! It is my prayer that more and more folks will discover this feeling in 2016. Americans need to get back to the basics, the simple life where the land provides their food and their hands provide their shelter. We hope you like the cabin’s front door because we were simply stoked about how good it looked hanging there. We will be building the rear door the same and we expect the same amount or more trouble getting it just right. But isn’t that all part of the journey? Of course it is 🙂 Until next time, Namaste friends!


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