Pallet cabin build update #1,000,000……

Yes it has been already 2 years in the making…we started this journey 2 years ago and are not done yet, but we are close and we have not quit. However, the cabin is set to be livable within 4 months. Really, currently, all we are lacking to make it “country livable” is a back door, finish covering the bedroom walls with OSB, small amount of insulation and place the roof. Now the roof will be quicker than average because we are going with prefabricated roof trusses. But there will be plenty of odds and ends to work on that will keep us busy and entertained through fall and by deep cold winter we will relax at the cabin work until it warms back up. But here are a few new pics I snapped recently, just real quick.

Shot 1 is showing we are already insulating the inside and covering with OSB. In fact, we already have moved in a few stand alone shelves too. Remember the roof is still covered with a massive heavy duty tarp to keep rain out.

Shot 2 is showing the inside walls where we have some OSB covering installed. This location is actually going to be our tiny kitchen. I will install counter tops and cabinets before its all done. We will have a small 2 burned gas stove under that window that we have cooked on for 6 years now.

Shot 3 is of the back of the cabin covered with OSB. That window is at the small bedroom and the back door is to the right of the picture taker. We have the whole cabin covered with OSB except part of the small bedroom because we had to take out one of the bedrooms windows to make it an inside door walk through. It will walk through into the new baby’s room we have to add on now.


Heh, wow….well from this, 2 years ago to this—–>

Sure is a major difference and a good progress for 3 everyday folks that live totally disconnected to electricity, water or technology, using only manual hand tools and working with scrap and free wood. But self sufficiency is not about quick, fast paced anything, its just about doing it on your own, as best as you can and we did all this with no prior experience or training whatsoever! Anyone can do it if they want to, is the moral of the story.

Today, we are still working on the cabin, still living in the temporary portable, prefabricated, Amish built cabins we got years ago from a company we do not wish to name. Someday, soon, we will be able to say we live in a cabin I built with my two hands and grow our own food and raise our own meats as well as hunt, and forage for wild food and medicine. We make all of our medicine and have not used a hospital in many years. We do not used modern day doctors either and can proudly say, today, we are both medical professionals, I am the doctor (Prior US Army) and wife currently a nursing assistant in the city.

Of course I am not doing this alone, so a shout of thanks goes out to my wife and daughter who have been there every step of the way, and never complained about working on the home. Always good to have help when you are taking on a challenging project you’ve never met before. And to the ONE nay sayer that posted a comment on our blog, a few months back, that was long winded and BS, to say the least, I hope you are still reading and although I didn’t comment back at ya (you wasn’t worth my time), I read what you typed and laughed and will be laughing when my family is 100 percent non dependent on anyone or anything else in this world while you carry on in your “sheep pasture”. 🙂 OH….and don’t look for your comment because I deleted it 🙂 Yea we even have a hand on that! Until next update. …Peace everyone!


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