How do you grow such large potatoes!?

20 lbs Kennebec potatoes

Today, we posted, on our Facebook page, pictures of our morning partial harvest of our organic Kennebec potatoes. We were inundated with people excited and simply amazed at the success rate as well as the size of our partial potato harvest. On a side note, I have recently had a man approach me from the University of Missouri extension, here where we reside, and disagree with me on standing in opposition of evil Monsanto (and other biotech companies) and their genetically modified crops (GMOs). His excuse for supporting what he called “food science” is, there is no way, using organic growing, that we could feed 7.1 billion people on the planet.

20 lbs of Kennebec potatoes

Not only is this absurd, but entirely wrong and very ignorant of a 72 year old man to even contemplate, let alone…..state aloud to me.I may not be some famous man, but I do know a thing or two about growing organic crops and GMOs and the march against monsanto etc. in fact, in 2012, it was me that led the first ever march against monsanto at their world headquarters in St. Louis, MO. I have written 1000’s of articles on organic/heirloom gardening, GMOs and just the whole shebang! What I wanted to share with you all today is a bit of PROOF. Proof that what the world has is NOT an issue with being able to produce enough food to feed the world….instead the issue is that we do not know how to move the food around successfully. We can not get the organic food to the places it needs to go, we do not know what we are doing. I say we, I mean they.

Read about this man, who can grow a million pounds of organic good on 3 acres! Now, back to the homestead. There has been, over the past 6 years, many times when I have shared a picture of a crop I grew that was extraordinary in size. We grow all organic, we use no chemical fertilizers at all. We also grow heirloom crops. We grow no hybrids and certainly no GMO crops. What we do employ is hand picking off bad pests, companion planting, raised bed gardening as well as in ground and we raise rabbits which produces a large amount of rabbit manure we use IN the garden. We also compost everything including our own human waste and yes, we use that in the garden after a few years of composting/decaying. What are the results? Well take a look at these Kennebec potatoes we pulled from one of our raised beds this morning.

Large Kennebec.JPG

You see, humanity actually started off IN nature. Growing their own food as well as foraging. We have went back to that method of living and we are 6 years in now and we can grow our own food as successful, or more so, as any farm that employs harmful chemicals to include unnatural fertilizers. Ancient methods that have been forgotten, we have resurrected. We are successful and we are proud and we constantly prove that organic growing is NOT small scale and you do not have to settle for small undernourished crops.All you have to do is research, learn and practice and never give up! Now I will reveal what we grew our potatoes in this year…drum roll please…..

HUMANURE! That’s right, human-manure. We composted our waste with our kitchen scraps and such for 2 years in one compost bin and 3 years for another. So this year, we pulled those 2 bins apart and moved all that SOIL into the garden beds. We grew these potatoes in 2-3 year old humanure and used nothing else in the soil.

happy potato harvester

Yes she washed her hands! lol. No really, when you compost humanure it will decompose into usable soil rich rich rich! In 9 mths. But we wanted to wait longer and so we waited a few years. Now tell me, why can we not produce organic food that will feed the world when I, alone, with the help of this wonderful homestead girl in the picture produce enough to feed an entire neighborhood? All it takes is hard work! People have gotten away from their roots, away from nature and the land, and that is where you are supposed to be! Not in a city somewhere slaving your life and your family’s lives away for some green paper that does not even exist.

Here are some pictures of those extraordinary sizes all the way back from our first year off the grid, enjoy!


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