Spontaneous combustion imminent!

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IT IS HOT! I remember the first year we were off grid….it was so hot that we thought we had made a bad mistake and would not make it in our decision to live the rest of our young lives off the grid. That was 6 years ago! Since then we, our bodies, have went through some awesome changes. Something happens to a person when you go back to a natural way of living where you are challenged to deal with the heat, the cold and anything but controlled atmospheres. Your DNA changes, there is scientific proof of this! You re-learn how to deal with the heat, the cold, the bugs the everything that people have an issue with when they go camping, hiking etc. and it is more of  a chore than fun.

For us, the first year off grid was quite challenging in many ways, but none more than the oppressive heat we dealt with as we were relearning our natural environment that humans began living in. Then as the years trudged on we had less and less of a problem dealing. Year after year we watched, every year being different. But one thing we always seen and seemingly never fluctuated up and down or back and forth was the fact that Missouri’s climate was changing. I am an enlightened man therefore I know about the imminent pole shift as well as the coming of planet Nibiru. If the later actually happens anytime soon, time will only tell. One thing for certain, though, the poles of the earth ARE changing. We have watched Missouri slip farther and farther into a more southern zone.


We have watched as our garden has demanded different gardening skills now, skills that we are learning from more southern farmers. I am saying that the state is moving south. At Dogwood Hollow Homestead we have ad success in growing avocado trees in the open. We are talking a tropical tree in Missouri folks! The humidity here is intense and we have lived all over the US before our off grid life and I can say that Florida is the only place where it felt like this. Arizona, we lived there for years, was nothing like a humid area, just hot dry heat as in an oven. However the recent heat wave that has us suppressed here at the homestead has broken records that date back to the 1980’s. 109 degrees in places in Missouri, recently, for 17 days straight!


If you are off grid mostly likely you do not live so hardcore that you have no AC or at the least…..no fans, no electricity whatsoever. At our homestead, we have fans but we have no solar or wind power to speak of, except recently we acquired two 15 watt solar panels, but we only have two batteries to store the energy and they are just car batteries, nothing like we need. So we have been living with no AC, no power, just the occasional fans that are only good at night, for 6 years. This recent sweltering heat is dangerous and we have uncanny ways of cooling off as well as a few more popular ways but for the most part…we suffer. I am not saying we didn’t choose this way of life, I am saying it is HOT! So hot, in fact, and there is such a change taking place that we have contemplated moving farther north, and even getting a solar setup.


So because we love where we live, Missouri…the Ozarks. We have decided to upgrade. So we are moving from our Pioneer way of life into a more modern off grid homesteading life. This means, a well, solar and/or wind energy, a few modern things such as a refrigerator, internet at the cabin…things like that. We could never run an AC unit with solar, that would be ridiculous, but we could run fans, ceiling fans etc.all day if we needed too and sit in front of them on the net while sipping from a cool glass of tea from the refrigerator when the heat was to oppressive. When we moved onto our property, this one, 5 years ago, we took into consideration the heat, because we had already lived off grid a year elsewhere in MO and knew of the changes coming. So we purchased our homestead land fully wooded and built our heaven under the canopy of the trees. BUT this heat we have been having even came with NO BREEZE.


Our garden is dyeing, we are scrambling to get all we can canned up or dried to preserve what we can save. We have been relentlessly watering but we have to haul in our water because we have lived with no well for 6 years. Again….time for an upgrade or I can see we will not be growing our own food successfully during times like this. So look forward to blogs about our upgrades and stay tuned for our journey to UPGRADE!


4 thoughts on “Spontaneous combustion imminent!

  1. Sounds good buddy. Now maybe i can convince the wife to come with me to spend some time with you guys lmao.

    From:”Dogwood Hollow Homestead-Off Grid” Date:Sun, Jul 24, 2016 at 10:31 PM Subject:[New post] Spontaneous combustion imminent!

    Spirit Walker posted: ” IT IS HOT! I remember the first year we were off grid….it was so hot that we thought we had made a bad mistake and would not make it in our decision to live the rest of our young lives off the grid. That was 6 years ago! Since then we, our bodies, hav”

  2. We understand that it is hot! Having moved north to Missouri from Tx for that reason! Try Hugelculture to keep the garden going. Our trees are doing well (apart from some beetle issues) with no added water because we surrounded their roots with peat to keep the moisture. But hugels with their bottom full of rotting wood hold even more moisture. Do a quick web search for info on this wonderful way to garden. You will love the water conservation.

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