Living the minimal off grid life


A cool, foggy, early off grid morning on the homestead. You won’t see this in the city.

We have been off grid for over 6 years now. We have lived with no solar panels, no ac, no wind mill, no water well, nothing that really makes off grid life easier and more bearable. We have tried to operate as an intentional off grid community (IC) and we have had a few brave souls come and attempt to lay down roots with us. All have failed for one reason or another. Over the course of 6 years we have became accustomed to things that modern day folks fall apart over, some would die….literally. But we are strong and we have learned how to do it and do it good we do!

But life on Dogwood Hollow Homestead is not easy, nor comfortable. Again, we have learned o deal with it. Why on earth do we do this everyone asks. Well because as it is the 21st century there is technology that makes living like this much more bearable. Well I guess the easiest answer is, because we have done without it (whatever IT may represent) that we have learned to live without it. We have found alternative ways to replace ways and things that others deem necessary, such as AC. It is hot where we live. Southern Missouri gets hot and humid but our homestead is a true forest homestead and you can not see our place on Google earth due to the tree coverage.


We are IN the forest, UNDER the canopy of the trees, which does produce a good bit of shade. During winter, we heat with wood but that takes an entire season of major prepping to pull off, and remember….no wood splitting machine either. Things that make most people fall apart under pressure of actual hard ass kicking work, we scarf at. Mostly because our bodies have become conditioned to the hard work. Those that come around us at the homestead can be heard making comments such as, “I have never seen a man work so hard in my life, it just blows my mind!” 

We have learned that if you want something bad enough you have to go after it and get it. We know all to well the lessons that came during the first year off grid when we decided to just wing it. Now, we make sure we are prepared. The thought of being unprepared has driven me to the kind of person I am today. In memory of those that have came to the homestead and left, failing at the off grid communal life…you did not want it bad enough, that is a lesson we know here. If you are truly FED UP with modern day societal bullshit, then there is nothing that will stop you from moving off grid and teaming up with some experienced off gridders and forming the bond that only comes with hard ass work together with those of like minds, especially while working towards one….the same…goal…survival.

Mo. sunset August 2016.JPG

I do what I do because I have a daughter, a woman partner and a grandson that needs me. I see every person in America as victims to the evil that runs this whole country, unseen evil that even most minds are asleep too. It takes a seasoned spiritually awakened person to discern what is truly taking place in this world and that I am. As you are the evil’s victim, I am the person that sees myself as someone that is hell bent on doing what I can to protect and save said victims while fighting evil in its face and winning……I must say. Yes, I see my life as a life of war against evil.

I see my way of life, how I am living as a means of fighting said evil. So I work hard….hard as hell in fact, and I love what I do. Minimal to me is as hard as it gets, especially as the mercury rises into the high 90’s in August in southern MO. with the humidity topping out at over 100 most of the time. People that have came to us for possible entry into the homestead as potential community members have found out we are the real deal and we do not skirt corners. We have a hard life carved out of the Ozark forest here and that is what we know.

Mo. sunset.JPG

Thing is, I could get into the scientific aspects of it but that would take me all week to explain. Here is an example of what I know and what I mean. I do not purchased solar panels and batteries to harvest the sun for energy because I live a truly sustainable, self sufficient way of life. What is so sustainable about batteries that only have a life span of about 10-20 years and then have to be replaced, which takes money? Those solar panels you have have to be replaced every 20-25 years and all that is IF those technological beasts stand up to their proposed life expectancy. What is so sustainable there folks??

You want sustainability, then use the sun how it was meant to be used…that is, go to bed with it and get up with it! Make sure your dwelling has lots of windows to use the light of day when you are indoors, and make grand use of the outside of your dwelling as your actual expanded living space during the day! At night, SLEEP…go figure. If you need a small amount of light, simply learn to make the oil you will need to power a lantern or 2 and use it sparingly. There are so many ways to build your home partly underground to combat the heat of the summer nights in southern MO. too.
Old farm shot.JPG

I guess I feel that just because there is an easier way to live off grid that I do not have to use it. I feel that it just complicates things when I sit and think about how I will replace things that really don’t matter when those things are no longer available. I guess I just keep myself prepared for the ultimate SHTF scenario because when the grid goes down in this country, that’s it folks. If you are not prepared to live with no technology, then you will suffer more than the rest of us. Isn’t it time to get your family prepared to survive what may be coming?




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