Ye ole pallet cabin topped off


Hello. A big hey to all our readers out there, we hope everyone is enjoying the fall temperatures and the beauty that fall brings each year to nature. At the homestead we have been pretty busy with all the winter preps that a homestead must adhere too. Gardening season, for us, was great. An abundance of healthy, organic, non GMO crops and winter stores put up to show our efforts. Fall has not slowed us down and as winter fast approaches, we have to make sure we are well under cover before the snow and temps begin to fall. The pallet cabin, we call home since earlier this year, is long from being “finished” but it is still quite habitable. We love the feeling of living in a tiny home, cabin, we built with our own hands and with as little money as possible. As it stands now, I have less than $1000 in this cabin and in the end, I don’t think it will ever make that mark.

So it’s been a while since our last update on the cabin build so I figured, why not a fall update. So we have the roof built, covered and now the metal is going on and we are stoked! It will be very nice listening to the fall rains and winter snows falling on the metal instead of just the wood covering and the large tarp that has been keeping it all dry. We thought we would have a hard time getting the metal we wanted for the roof, but recently a friendly lady stepped in a donated all the metal we needed to cover the cabin as well as a truck load of rough cut lumber to finish any planned additions, such as the small bedroom and compost bathroom we want to add. All we had to do was tear down the building containing all the materials and haul it away. So here is a very recent shot of half the cabin roof covered with metal.

In the picture you can see we have the wood stove hooked up and we have used it a few times at night in October. On the left of the picture you can see the bathroom door has been marked and covered until the compost bathroom is built. If you look real close you will notice the gabble ends are still covered with tarps because we have yet to close the roof up there. We have 1 inch boards, different lengths, that we will be cutting to fit the ends in an overlap method from top to bottom. So the cabin gabbles will look like old fashioned building. Again, this is recycled wood we have acquired, sticking with our method of using recycled pallets, wood and materials to build our cabin. Spending as little money as possible on the building of this cabin. Here are some black and white shots of some of the materials we were given by our lady friend, all for just tearing down a building and hauling the materials off.

We still have half the roof to cover with metal and the gable ends to cover, but for the most part the cabin is ready for winter and we have been living in it since spring. We still have trim work to do and some insulating, such as the attic. Speaking of the attic, I have yet to share pictures with you all on the construction of the attic. My daughter and I completed the roof/attic construction in just a few days and we are pretty proud, although we did splurge and buy 2×4’s for this job. We still cut them all to length with a hand saw and a good ole fashioned speed square helped do the angles and math.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So there you have it folks, the roof is almost complete, the cabin is almost complete and we are doing odds and ends as well, such as trim work and weather proofing. We will be sealing our doors and window sills for winter soon and the attic will be insulated before long. So we are working on the small bedroom along with the main construction and have plans to add another small bedroom next to that to accommodate the newest member of the homestead, lil JW. My new grandson. Here are some pictures of the temporary metal on the small bedroom and already we are gathering and stacking free wood pallets to do the 2nd bedroom and compost bathroom, which we will be working on through winter.

So we hope you liked the update. If you are just reading this for the first time about the pallet cabin we are building, then this link will catch you up on all the other pictures! Live sustainable, live free, get off grid and back to a more meaningful way of life, homestead, and teach your kids to do the same! Until next time folks, thanks for reading!


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