Pallet cabin build update: Cabin roof finished


(As it looks now with the roof all done)

Well there you have it folks. The roof to the pallet cabin is all done. Really nothing left to do to it except take some sealant, soon, and cover extra screw holes that were in the metal before we used it. Yesterday, daughter and I were on the roof all day. Installing metal sheets, the roof cap and wooden ledge to stand on that would eventually become part of the ceiling of the new bedroom addition we have planned. Because we got started pretty early and energy was high, production was high so we also completed the covering of the small bedroom roof with metal. A week ago we took rough cut 2×6 lumber and framed the ceiling for that room. We covered all the extra screw holes on that roof with good duct tape as a temporary fix, we were very tired of seeing that old green and grey tarp covering the building!!


(Here is a mug shot of yours truly and my daughter)

While working on the roof yesterday. We were taking a break, it has been very unseasonably warm here in the MO. Ozarks lately and we were suffering on that roof working with that metal. But we got it done. We are sitting on the ledge we constructed to make working with the roof easier. Again, it will eventually become part of the new bedroom addition which will be constructed right were our feet are hanging down.


(My awesome daughter on the peak screwing down that roof cap)

Someone asked me, why two different colors? It’s because when you are working with a budget that is “as little money as possible” you take what you get and get what you take and that is about it. From the beginning this cabin was built with no money. Then we put a small amount into it and sticking with the dream of building our own cabin in the woods with hardly any money, we are finishing it with zero dollars. So, the metal was given to us, it is salvage, scrap if you will…but we see it as genuine treasure.


(A big thanks to my daughter for all her hard work on this cabin, what a milestone)

As you can see, she is a big help. I sure didn’t want to get up there, but she was a trooper and jumped right on up there, climbed right up the roof! You can see a good shot of the caps we installed, clearly they were recycled metal, just as we like it! The brown metal roof in the foreground is the flat roof we installed on the small bedroom, you can see the temporary duct tape covers for the extra screw holes here. At any rate, it does not leak a drop. Eventually we will be able to cover all those holes with a water proof sealant, but even if we don’t, for those of you that do not have as much experience at the frugal life as we do, duct tape is some awesome stuff and I would only have to replace that after it dry rots, well after next summer.

So you might ask, whats next? We still have plenty to do and document. The gable ends will come next. We have to cover those still and right now are covered with just tarps. We have collected some recycled boards for the construction already. So we will be working on those very soon. We have also secured a good stack of new pine pallets, we got free, and I have already started pulling the boards off and re-affixing them to make the floor pieces for the new bedroom addition. I am also pulling some of those new pine boards off the pallets and using those to trim the inside of the cabin, and it is looking quite nice! Stay tuned for those updates!



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