Where is FALL??


Crazy (awesome) weather we have been having on the homestead ya’ll! All through October and November, so far, we have been waiting on fall weather, to no avail! Its been in the high 80’s, sunny, and so unseasonably warm that even our garden plants, we had left, is blooming again and still giving up a good harvest once a week. We gather at least 2 gallons of green beans a week, the Okra, we once thought was done, is now blooming again and growing more. We have Castelfranco Radicchio, sweet peas, garlic, potatoes, mustard greens, green beans, tomatoes, peppermint, spearmint, chamomile, cabbage, white sage, dill, okra, parsley, onions, and rosemary growing in the garden right now.

Mammoth onions

Are you hearing me? We have a garden growing that is usually done by now. Our chickens are, again, laying a dozen eggs a day and the ducks, after going through a short stopping time, have started laying again as well as the turkey hen! We have even seen wild flowers blooming again and the trees have JUST started losing their leaves which they are usually skeletons by now. So we are enjoying life on the forest homestead and although we have been having warm nights, last night was the first night, in weeks, that we decided to burn some wood in the wood stove. But that was more to dry the moist air out because all day yesterday and last night we were in a cloud and mist was everywhere.


It was nice but made the air cooler than the previous nights. Bees can be seen all over the place, fly’s are still here, we have even seen what wasps and hornets doing, what appeared to be spring like behavior. it’s mind boggling the changes the earth is going through. Don’t expect it to change backwards, because as it is now, the earth poles are shifting as they have been recorded, in history, as doing every 3500 or so years. Earlier this year, we reported that the persimmon seed was not showing us anything. No forks, knives or spoons. We have never seen that before, I was sure it meant something strange was on the horizon. So now we have fall JUST starting to come in, late, and it seems like it may not even show up!


Was the persimmon seed confused as well due to the major earth changes? Who knows, but we took it as a sign that we did not need to scramble to much to get ready for a big harsh winter. Now it may still show up as such, later, but as it is now, we have not burned the cord of wood that we usually would have done by now. In fact, we have only had the wood stove lit 3 times since summer and those were mainly to dry the air! I am telling you all this to say, if you are not enjoying the weather, get out there and do so. It is perfect camping weather, apparently good gardening weather, if you stick to cool weather crops and those that do not need loads of sunlight.

IMG_1913.JPGWe even have an avocado tree that is growing like a weed, and we have it outdoors. Folks we have even watched flocks of geese and robins return after they left in mid October when we had a week of actual fall like weather and a few nights in the high 30’s. Can you fathom what is happening? Better yet, are you taking advantage of this? Here in southern Missouri, the growing season for gardens and flowers has really changed drastically and become much longer! This is good if you are coming to the Ozarks to go off grid or just to homestead. And yes, we have seen and heard of a massive influx of this activity here in the Ozarks over the last 6 years.

3 off grid books.JPG(Interested in homesteading yourself or maybe wanting to give off grid living a try? Here is a collection of off grid books by the author that will show you how)

So again, get out there and enjoy the weather because winter is sure to just bust in on us when we least expect it!


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