Cabin walls get their “stuffing” & skin, bedroom refinish & trim work galore!

You all that have been following our blog and cabin build from the beginning 2 years ago, you remember this?


Beginning pallet cabin floor winter 2014-2015

This was the first picture taken of the pallet cabin when we began this project and then the snow came. This is a picture of the main part of the cabin. 12×16 built using scrap 2×4’s and timber logs. You can see the beginning of the walls too, with the lone pallet standing attached to the floor right there.

Today, some 2 or more years forward, we live in our pallet cabin, all warm and cozy and although it is not FULLY finished, it is mostly. You’ve all seen updates and updated pictures, no doubt. For those of you that have not, well, it’s a fully stocked blog and we have not deleted any blogs about the cabin since we began. So read up 🙂 So you all are wondering, whats the new pictures look like, where are we on the cabin build and what are any updates we have to share! Right? Well we have the walls insulation complete in the whole cabin, all the walls, except a small or medium spot here and there, are covered. We have all the OSB we need to cover all the spots remaining and some, just a matter of time now. We work on it all we can, as daylight is scarce these days as we are getting deeper into the 2016-2017 winter season.


My daughter trimming the cabin walls and ceiling in the main part

As you can see, the walls are covered inside, with OSB or some call it wafer board. It is cheap and easily installed with drywall screws. We’ve had to do quite a bit of fancy cutting with this cabin, and some of the OSB had to be cut length and width wise. Every single cut on this cabin was done with a $20 dollar hand saw folks. We live off grid and we do not cut corners to make a job easier or quicker. We simple do what we have to and take our time and live what we do. Also, as you can see, we have stuck to the fact that this cabin was mostly build using recycled wooden pallets. That trim she is installing is pallet boards cut to length and screwed in with drywall screws.Trim is being placed where the walls meet the floor, the ceiling and each other at the corners. We also trimmed the ceiling OSB boards. For plans as to what we want to do after it is all installed for looks. We plan on painting the ceiling with off white and the walls with a Terra pot brown. All the trim and doors will be stained a walnut color too.


Walls and ceiling insulated and covered in the small bedroom

When we installed the wall boards, in the main part of the cabin, we turned the OSB rough side out. That way when it is painted there will be a thatched look to it, we like that! Not only have we been busy at work doing all the insulating, covering and trimming but we have also completed the small bedroom addition as soon in the picture above and this one below.


Walls and ceiling covered in the small bedroom/hand built free standing closet

We finally got the small bedroom all done and the completion we worked very hard on for 2 days and got it knocked out, just the 2 of us. Including removing most of the items from the room, all the roof metal, installing the OSB on the ceiling and roof, insulating and reinstalling the metal and all the rooms items. It took the two of us about 6 hours to do all that, in the icy wind and low temperatures of December as well as using only battery powered headlamps. So in these pictures below you can see the insulated roof of the small bedroom and can tell the pictures were taken at night with a flash.

Small bedroom roof insulated before OSB and metal covering

For now, all but the trim work, the small bedroom is finished. As some of you may know, we had to lift and rebuild the floor of the main cabin. Well the same had to be done for the small bedroom so the flooring matched. So we used scrap lumber, scrap OSB pieces and pretty thick OSB boards for the new floor. In these pictures you can see the skill and hard work that it took to get this floor where it was no longer a problem with its slants and weakness and such.

Lifting. leveling and replacing the floor in the small bedroom

We knew we were going to have to replace the floors of the cabin after a few winters left their weathered mark on them, that and the fact that since I am no carpenter, my initial installation of the floors was less than good. The redo was a success, all around, but if I had to do it again, there are many things that come into my mind of what NOT to do. But its all said and done and so is the life of a self sufficient man, live and learn….most of the time, on your own. We plan on covering the cabin floors with carpet. The kind you can sweep with an old straw broom, well since most vacuums are electric powered. We want comfort and cleanliness so it is essential that the floor covering be easily taken care of. We have found a resource for cheap carpet that matches our plans. At a local resale shop here in town, sticking to the tradition we started with, spending as little as we have to and using all we can from second hand sales and trade to build with.


 The small bedroom right after it was all said and done

We have even managed to build a few odds and ends with some pallet wood moving forward with our completion of our little TC in the woods. Here you can see some shelving my daughter built and some decorations we recycled from tossed out supplies at a local factory.

Shelving and decorations made using recycled pallet wood and reclaimed items


Close up of the trim work we are doing in the pallet cabin

Now there are many reasons someone would want to trim their work. To cover inconsistencies, mistakes, and for a certain look. We are doing it for all of the above. After covering our walls, it was obvious, with all the fancy cutting that had to be done, that we were not great carpenters and the whole cabin is just not square. So there are places where the walls meet the ceiling, floor and each other where the OSB quite a gap. These gaps are also places where bugs can hide and we did not want any more of that than what we already have to put up with living in the woods. So the trim we are getting by taking apart the same pallets that we built the cabin with. Using drywall screws to secure them and it is covering all the cracks and crevices. It makes me happy to be able to recycle this wood and it makes me even happier to know that I have spent less than $1000 on my cabin in actual money!


Sealing the cabin doors

Along with all the trim and finishing work comes the weather proofing work. So here you can see we have sealed up the cracks in the doors and other places in the cabin, although the doors were the worst shape. Winter winds have been blowing here and it has been below freezing now for weeks. So we had to hurry with this one as we were runnign fa behind ole man winter. That is just plain white caulking men. Water proof and paintable type. We will eventually sand the doors and stain them a deep walnut color to match all the trim which will also eventually stained. But as for now, we are glad the air flow has been stopped! Even with the nice wood stove we have, you could feel the winds blowing.

Small bedroom addition

Now if you have been paying attention and following our blog, you will recall we mentioned, a time or two, about a small bedroom addition. In May 2016 we were blessed with a grandson. Of course we were in the middle of a one bedroom cabin build! So now we have started on the 2nd small bedroom for him. It is situated connected with a walk thru doorway to his momma’s room and will be the same size. The photos above were taken while we were building the floor. We have finished the floor now and will soon be starting on the walls, which, again, will be wood pallets. we have much to remember from our learning experiences we gained building the first 2 rooms to this cabin. So I expect this room to be the best built room on the cabin to date. Always we live and learn! Already the floor was more quickly and easier built than the others. We used scrap lumber reclaimed from an old chicken house to do this floor and even covered this floor with pallet wood. It will also be covered with the same type easily taken care of carpet for comfort.

So there you have it folks, all caught up! Hope you are all staying healthy and warm this winter season! Good night.


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