Imminent mass exodus to off grid living


So those of you that have followed us, or the blog here or that know us personally know that we are in the know about living off grid and homesteading. Many of you know how we live, personally. Some of you have been to the homestead! So take what I am about to tell you to heart. Take it how you want, but to me…..a spiritual man that is in tune with the universe…its a warning. I will say this, something it happening folks and I feel there is something big to look at here. Something we all need to see and most likely head the warning.

Where we live at, at the homestead, it is set in an undeveloped 200 or so acres of land that has been chopped up and sold off to the public at easy prices per 5-10 acre plots. 7 years ago, we came here. We went off grid and our journey started. Now the development was not new, in fact it was all sold except the plot we bought and maybe one or two others. That is out of 19 plots in the development. We watched, for years, folks come and go on the different land plots around the homestead. Always watching the land turn over and over. We remained. Recently, we started noticing a big change. People started showing up to the land plots around us and staying! Then it was just a few, 1 or 2 here and there. Mostly folks come and see the land is not what they want and leave.


Hardly any of them we got to know. We just knew we would be wasting our time because we knew they would be gone soon. Folks just can not handle off grid life because it is to hard for them. That is the majority folks. Then very recently, since the election started to take shape 2016-2017 presidential election, we seen some come and set up camp and stay on their site. They were off gridders and said they came to get off grid and away from city life. We watched….and they stayed. Now the election and more started coming. Well very recently we saw a couple come from Ohio and Nevada and set up an off grid came on their plot of land and stay! Like 2 at a time. Now that 2017 is here, we are still watching them come and stay, from all over the country. Just 2 weeks ago, a man and woman couple, brother and sister, came and set up a tent in the dead of winter here, built them and are still building an off grid primitive camp and when we met them and asked what they were smoking, I mean….folks its January and 8 degrees tonight! They are in a tent! They told me…“We are tired of people, tired of societal living, tired of the tyranny called the govt. and we have a feeling something bad is about to happen in this country and we want to be able to survive.” Now I quoted that.


That was a few weeks ago. They are still there. We have got to helping them a lot and we like that fact that they are in the right mind frame to do this. We try to be a beacon of light for those coming to the off grid life, as you all know. Then a few days ago I get this weird email. A man says he found our email from a web search of some GPS coordinates that he thought was his new off grid land coordinates.  Just so happens they led him to our address and when he searched the address discovered Dogwood Hollow Homestead lived at the address. So he emailed me. I thought it strange to skeptically I contacted him back and asked all sorts of questions. It seems he has bought a plot of land near us, yet another one, and is coming to live off grid this month! Coming from the Texas coast, he says. After talking to him online a bit, I learned that he found the plot of land in our development through a dream!


Now I will quote him as well. “I have no idea what I am doing, we are from the city and we are getting away and away from the coast and we are going to the MO. Ozarks to go off grid on a plot of land, we have never even seen, and I found your contact info ultimately through a dream.” Something is leading my wife and I, he says, to do this and we bought the land on a whim! So I say to the man, do you have any idea how cold it is here right now? Because there in Texas, on the coast, it was currently 70 degrees! He says, yes, I know its REAL winter there. He then goes into telling me that he and his wife have recently been having dreams and feelings that are warning them of impending doom in the country and this is part of the reason they are coming here. He says he is being led by something but does not even believe in spiritual stuff! Well I had to inform him that he was part of a mass exodus that is taking place, right now, of folks leaving the cities to go off grid.


So here it is in a nutshell, and I only mentioned a few recent happenings. But we have went from just us out there where the homestead is, to quite the happening off grid community of all sorts off people. 19 plots is the development we live in. All lots are now sold, but lot 2, 6-10 and 12 have recently become occupied, and I mean fast, like all of a sudden, with those coming to learn to live off grid. I think lot 2 is a bit different as they are older folks and we have seen them put in a well and security light. But we recently heard they are going back to the city, temporarily. They probably will sell. So now Dogwood Hollow Homestead is surrounded by off gridders. We are networking and getting to know each other which means we are becoming the awesome little off grid community we have been looking for for years! There are some other cool details I could share with you, that some preppers and survivalists and the likes would say, is pretty darn awesome, but I won’t in the interest of some privacy from the prying eyes of those that are trying to kill off grid life and freedom as we know it in the US.

First snow5.JPG

Bottom line is…we are watching a mass exodus to the Missouri Ozarks from the cities to live off the grid folks and over the last month it has ramped up substantially. These people want to get away so bad, they are coming right now, not waiting until warmer weather and they are coming with nothing, just knowledge. Bold as it may be…this is Missouri and it is December and it is freezing and snowing and with nothing but a tent to protect you and your wits, it’s dangerous. But if they want it that bad and can deal with it, then we know they have a very good chance of being successful in their new journey, and Dogwood Hollow Homestead will be right there to help them, as is ours way, until they give up or make it successfully. So take head folks, prepare for whatever, and if you can, get your family out of the big cities and out to the country where survival has a better chance in the event SHTF soon. Peace and love!



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