Indian summer & Ice storm all in the same week? Believe it.

2017 has just begun and already, at the homestead, here in Missouri we have seen some wild weather patterns that are farrrrrrr from normal folks. We have been warning you and talking about the imminent pole shift and the changes that is coming to the earth and telling you to prepare and get ready to survive, you and your family. And not it is our turn. It does not all come at once, it comes in waves and if you are prepared to survive what comes then you are 1 up on others. So prepare, NOW and get ready because the weather patterns of 2017 are already crazy. Since Jan 1 we have been having weather in the day that seems to resemble an early spring. Then at night it gets cold enough to light the wood stove. Some will say, well that is just what happens from time to time with the weather and this seems pretty normal. NO. There is more to the story folks. The last few days, in fact, it has been near 70 degrees at the homestead, and those few days we have experience winds that were devastating. We have trees and limbs down at the homestead and have been having a hard time fighting the winds picking everything up and tieing it all down. The winds tossed one of our rabbit cage roofs into the air and that roof was held down with 4 large stones! They went flying too. The bunny was not injured 🙂

That was the last few days. Now in the same week, they are warning us of a major ice/winter storm that will be here tonight after midnight! They are saying this is a big one and it seems the homestead could be in the blunt of the path. We are expecting a half inch of ice or more, snow and probably those winds again. The winds have died down today, but it is a lot colder than yesterday. Its like we had an Indian summer and then a few days later it all flipped with a serious winter storm coming. Check out this video.

It was so warm the last few days, that we were actually working in the garden. No planting, of course, but doing things such as mending fences, building raised boxes, hauling manure and wood chips to the garden. Raking leaves and moving them from the garden into the animal pens, when the wind let us. Shoot, t-shirt weather it was, now today, I have on a sweater and a beanie cap. Sure has been a change over night. It was so warm last night and yesterday that we had to allow the wood stove to burn out, the first time since early fall! So I wake up, cold and confused and had to light that stove up. So they have warned us.

Ice storm warning 2017.jpg

At the homestead, we are prepared for this. In the beginning of the week I felt pressed to cut down a very large dead tree even though before I was not even thinking about using my cheap 18 inch chain saw to do such a job. Now, almost a week later I have a cord of wood ready to go! Our wood pile we have been letting just kind of mosey along because our winter, this time, has been doing the same, just moseying along. Then I get this feeling to cut a lot of wood at once, so I do it. Now I see this warning today! Folks I do not care what anyone says, my spirit guide guides me through life and I have found that as long as I am staying on the straight and narrow, keeping my mind clear and doing what I am supposed to do, my guide protects me. Now some things are true whether you believe in them or not 🙂

So to all of you in the path of this monster, I hope you have headed the warnings and are ready. If not, you have about 6 hrs to grad supplies. When you do this, think about being without power for days. Water pipes may freeze and you may not be able to drive anyplace. You need food, water, meds (if used), candles or lanterns, heat and something to occupy your time. Everyone stay safe and remember, its never too late to prepare!



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