Adapting to mother nature


Each year that we have lived off the grid, in the forest, the country, hand in hand with mother nature, we have watched it change. After years and years of living IN nature, UNDER the canopy of the forest, IN the woods….I have learned to co-exist with her. And you have to. Well, if you have any since of morality, any since of responsibility to your planet and all its inhabitants. Because we are stewards of this land…we do not own this land nor do you nor does any other human being. All this was here before us, and it will be here long after us, no matter what we do. So, this is why we are stewards of earth…and not kings or queens of the land. Once we are done with this life, we will die, our spirit moves on, and mother earth will still be living. But will she be living in survival mode, because humanity has practically destroyed her? I refuse to be apart of the problem. Dogwood Hollow Homestead refuses to be part of that problem. And so…living in harmony with all of nature is what we practice here. That, in itself, is enough so that over many years and much insight meditation, that I have come to know mother pretty darn well.

Mo. sunset August 2016

So I have become in tuned to nature to a point that I can read her pretty good. Over the past few years I have watched as climate changes have been ramping up. It was 2 years ago today that the USDA announced a complete overhaul of the zones. Planting zones are like a bible off grid. We have to plant at the right time or we may or may not have a successful crop. Never in history has this change ever before been implemented. Now, most people today, like in such a way that the food they consume is no more than a short drive or walk from the local grocery store. But not to long ago everyone was growing the majority of their own food. Off grid, we produce almost all the food we need. In warmer months, we produce even more. Now produce is a catch all word I use but we have multiple methods of securing food, through cultivation, husbandry, cropping, hunting to name a few. So because of this, hardly anyone in society took notice of this important change. However, your farmers knew. And with this change comes changes to farming too.

Large Kennebec

What actually is happening is the continents are moving. The earths poles are shifting, north becomes south and south becomes north. Now before you say, well that is hogwash, no such happening. I will challenge you to research and see that this phenomenon not only is real, but has taken place on earth many times in ages past. We have found loads of proof. Well there is mounting evidence that this is happening again, and we are right smack dab in the mist of it. Where we are, the great state of Missouri, we are drifting south. This means hotter summers and not so cold winters. Have we seen proof of this at the homestead? YES, by far. In fact, over the last 2 years I have personally mentally recorded a multitude of radical changes that have to be the result of the poles shifting, the state moving closer to the equator. We have even experimented with planting certain crops that are not supposed to be growing in southern MO. with much success.

Avacado tree 2016.JPG

Avocado tree growing in southern Missouri 

So we have an avocado tree on the homestead now and are working on a 2nd one. The one in the picture is in dormant phase currently, as it is January 2017, but it grew to a height of 18 inches the first year. This year it will undoubtedly grow another 18 or so inches. Avocado trees can be grown in a green house in MO. BUT we grew this baby in a pot sitting in the garden all the way up to the first frost in October 2016.  We have seen plants in the forest popping up that is not supposed to grow in this region. As an herbalist I can see a plant and say what it is, with many. So when I see one I know and it is not supposed to be growing here…its pretty noticeable. So last year we had to learn a whole new way of growing food. Because as the poles shift, we drift south, all of a sudden crops that grew good before don’t anymore. Crops that were hard to grow here not grow easier. We are growing things during times when it is supposed to be nearly impossible. Such as tomatoes all the way through October, green beans later and later each year for the last 2 years. Last year we were getting green beans in November! And I am talking 2-3 lbs a time. Kentucky wonder pole beans, in case anyone local wants to know.

Green beans.JPG

Kentucky wonder pole beans

That is an early picture of our beans, but those are the beans that would not quit! More this past year than the year before and I seen this change starting up 2 years ago. So this next season, we will be planting a lot more of these beans and canning loads for months. I am going to be banking on what I can grow tons of and just do it and preserve it. Who knows what this event is going to do to the food prices everywhere, the big farm crop success all over, the national supply….the WORLD supply! Part of how I live is to live prepared and to always continue to prepare for what ever may come as a challenge to our survival. The pole shift will and IS causing major hardship across the globe when it comes to food IF the people all over that grow your food does not get their heads out of their asses and learn the changes that have to come to their farming that corresponds to the changes in the climates all over. SO….last year I had to do things differently. This year, I can already see changes that need to be made. As it stands right now, my daughter has learned so much that she has practically become like me and decided to try and sprout pepper seeds in January. She did so with much success and her pepper plants are already almost 2 inches tall. With today’s sun, FINALLY, after 9 days of none, those plants probably will be taking off.

GMO stop

We grow all organic food here. We plant only heirloom seeds and we produce and save our seed and we replant that seed each year. We have some seeds that are 100’s of years old. Those seeds have to be planted at different times now. So that requires us having to learn through trial and error, there is no other way to know folks. The civilizations on the planet now have never had to deal with a pole shift and such awesome climate change. So there is no teacher. This is why it is so important to become one with nature. Mother nature will take care of you IF you take care of her. On the homestead, this belief is followed closely. We grow food for our survival, its how we live. We choose NOT to shop, so much, in a grocery store and we are striving for 100% self sufficiency, which means NO stores for us. Every year we have expanded our gardening and food production efforts. This year, there is no difference. Again, we will be expanding on it all around. Each year we learn more and more about what we can use for medicine and food in the forest we dwell in. each year we grow different, more foods and cultivate more and more wild foods. Things such as berries and wild greens, roots etc.


In 2016 we started harvesting this “new” mushroom, to us. This is “old man of the woods”, an edible mushroom that grows wild on the homestead in a good quantity. We also started harvesting and using wild basil, also called Shiso or Perilla. It to, grows all over the homestead. we want to be able to walk through our fores and the 30 acres that surrounds us in off grid community, and see food all over the place. We also are plating food all over the place. Where ever a possibility food will grow and do good, we plant seed. We are producing a forest garden. But each year changes have to be made, now, to how we have been farming in southern, MO. for years. Changes that mother nature is teaching me about and changes we all must face and learn to accept and adapt. This year, already I am tossing about the idea of planting seed now and just keeping them covered with some plastic. In all actuality, a lot of stuff id growing all over the homestead and it’s kind of alarming. Actually, we should not be able to plant anything currently, the ground is usually solid too. Almost 70 degree here today folks, and this is not the only day.

The old saying, “adapt and over come can be applied here. Because if you do not adapt….you will not overcome. Ask yourself, what major natural disasters, more than what is already being recorded, will happen…and are you ready to survive this? If your answer is no, you have to choices.

#1- Learn, and do so quickly, what you need to know about this. Move off grid and prepare your family to survive because food prices are about to skyrocket and the shortage is going to be scary. OR

#2- Join a community of people that are already doing it and will welcome you. Become part of that group and prepare together to survive what may come.



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