Winter storm on the homestead, were we prepared?


For months, here in southern Missouri Ozarks, Dogwood Hollow Homestead has seen nothing but late spring like and summer like weather. In fact everything has bloomed and blossomed and grew. From wild flowers to our peach trees, to the garden annuals, everything has sprouted as if Spring was officially here. THEN…over the last few days, snow, ice, freezing rain, high winds, freezing temperatures as well as frost! Everything we were used to seeing in winter just shows up overnight. So the short answer is, no…………….haha, of course we were ready folks! Don’t you know part of living off the grid, well as hard as we do it, is to always be prepared. So with propane tanks filled, attic stocked full of bulk foods, pantry stocked full of everyday foods, water just within reach and available, animal pens all ready. Rabbit boxes and hutches all weather proof and the garden ONLY planted with cold weather crops….we were ready.

Question is, were you ready? I know many parts of the country is seeing what some are calling freak storms, blizzard conditions and high rains, incredible winds and some were not prepared. I ask you why? Why were you, if this pertains to you, were you not ready? Was it because the weather channel or the weather man/lady did not warn you it was coming? I ask you, how will they warn you when they had no idea themselves? But why is this true. Why didn’t even the weather authorities know about the changes that were coming that are here now? The more important question is, should you be concerned and to a point where you become prepared for anything? Because if the weather authorities can no longer tell you the weather, then you need to be prepared for anything. As it looks, be prepared for what others would call you crazy for, such as a freak snow storm and temperatures in the teens after a month of 80’s and everything for spring grows.


Taking into count you want to change things and become prepared, better than you are now. Here are some tips you want to consider, coming from someone that has been living prepared for almost 7 years.

  • Have a back up source of heat. Make sure you have the fuel that goes along with your back up source readily stocked. Keep in mind things like gas pumps, kerosene pumps, propane pumps, they all run off electricity and hardly any business has a back up source of electricity for when there is no power.
  • Have a stock pile of food and water. This means a stock pile that you do not eat on constantly. Things such as 50 Lb. bags of beans, rice, flour etc. #10 cans of veggies and a way to store up the rest once you open those large cans so it does not go bad. Think, pressure canner.
  • Have a source of water that is not connected to the grid. Once the grid goes down, for whatever reason (tornado?) then there is no more clean water.
  • Have a way to communicate once the normal ways are down. Think, ham radio. And get the training that goes along with it so you will be able to call for help IF you need to.
  • Be prepared to be stranded where you are. Warm clothing, life saving medicines, if you have those or any natural medicines you might use on a regular basis. You don’t want to be unprepared without what you need thinking you can just run and get them if needed because once something happens it affects pharmacies and stores too, not just you.
  • Have back ups to your back ups! A very important one. Because you have no idea how long you may need to shelter in place or bug out. So be ready for your supplies to go down and have ways to replenish things like water, medicine and food. That means get some chickens, grow a food garden, a medicine garden (herbal medicine). Line up access to a local well, trade for trade? Work it out before hand that in an emergency, you can supply something IF they allow you access to their well.
  • Have a generator. That well will not work, usually, if there is no power. If you have a generator you have energy and that means the well can be powered. Don’t forget to learn how to temporarily convert the well.
  • Stock up on fuel for the generator and your vehicle, if that works after SHTF. Again, those pumps in the city will not work, neither will their computerized cash registers or electrical doors….
  • Stock up on ammo and get a gun for your family’s sake. If you are in a situation that lasts a long time guess what folks that are not ready are going to do? That’s right, come find those that are ready and take what they have. So be prepared to defend your life, and the lives of your family as well as your preps, which are your life lines when SHTF.
  • Think long term and short term. You won’t have refrigeration, so canning is a good method to preserve what you have that might go bad in that freezer. Unless you have the ability to power that refrigerator, you will be canning a lot of food, possibly. Solar panels? Wind turbine? If you had a battery bank fully charged when your personal situation comes, you will be powered while everyone else is not. And as long as the sun and wind does their duties, you will have energy.


Get my books, I write about this stuff and live what I write. My books are packed with information that you need to know to be prepared for anything. Click the link to be taken to where the books are. Research ways to be prepared and watch YouTube videos. Taking steps to be more knowledgeable about how to survive when necessary, is by far your most powerful prep. Now get out there and plant some seeds!


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