Agenda 21- Abolish Private Property


Agenda 21. We have heard this term for a long time. But what is it? Well there are multiple factors and subjects that Agenda 21 deals with. If you have never heard of the UN Agenda 21, and you care about your family, children, life, then I suggest you do what most Americans never will do and that is research it. Learn all you can and make your own decisions based on the findings as to how you will be dealing with the new world. Those of us that know a lot about it understands that there will be a fight and there will be only 2 sides, not a neutral side. It boils down to either you choose to be free or you choose to be enslaved and possibly eradicated. All in the name of global domination/control.

It has nothing to do with wars….but it IS a war and it is being waged on freedom. As an off gridder in the southern Ozarks of Missouri I am a private property land owner. We grow, raise and forage for almost all the foods we consume and what we don’t produce ourselves we trade and barter and buy in bulk. That means we have a small farm, garden plots and orchards….what have you. Our 100% wooded homestead is a forest of food and medicine. If UN Agenda 21 has it’s way, that becomes wrong, not fair, illegal and up for grabs by the government. The land owners will be forced off their land and back into the city where they can be watched, monitored and controlled at every aspect of their lives. That includes complete control of their children as well.

Agenda 21

All under the disguise of sustainable living. Although there is nothing sustainable about their plan. In a nut shell their plan is complete control over the worlds people, global depopulation and complete indoctrination of all planetary children to be nothing but more consumers, more slaves. The parents are taken out of the picture. And they are seeking to make this a law at the local level. That is so local law enforcement can help them do their job that otherwise would be next to impossible, world wide. For home owners and land owners that spells trouble because you have what others can not have. They say the problem is not every person can hold land, so no one should hold private land. That land should be controlled and owned by the one world government.

Agenda 21 pic.jpg

Agenda 21 is very bad thing. You really need to enlighten yourselves because Sheep only follow they listen to their leader, they do not think for themselves, they do not ask questions. Do you want that to be you? Living off grid, homesteaders, as we are, we understand fully what this means to us and all peoples if it is ever fully implemented, and it has already started. Mostly out west and in certain areas, such as the Bundy Ranch, where the govt. is stealing private land and no one can stop them. People have been forced to leave their off grid homes and the homes destroyed. The Tiny House movement is under attack and they are banning tiny homes in certain places. Even those that live off grid are under attack and if you follow a self sufficient, sustainable way of life then you are in their cross hairs.

Agenda 21 future

This is all part of the agenda to make it so no one is self sufficient, no one can hide or live totally free. All under the disguise that everyone can not be free, so no one should be. I ask, will you fight or be enslaved? A lot, if not most of you, would answer saying you would fight. But I ask you……are you fighting? I ask because Agenda 21 is already in full force all around you and no one seems to be doing a damn thing. If you research and learn what it entails you are no longer blind to its disguises. They know you will fight if it was tossed at you all at once, making it blatantly obvious. That is why they are incorporating it into your daily lives over the course of decades, and we are in decade #2 for the Agenda 21 push. By 2030, Agenda 21 will be implemented fully and you will be fully indoctrinated into it. You won’t know because it was fed to you slowly. They keep you distracted and blinded and then move when you are. That way you will not fight. This is the same way Hitler made his move as well, FYI….REALLY RESEARCH IT!

Live free or die

So, we come to this, what will you do? How will you live? What can you do? Well first get better acquainted with what we are up against. Research, read, watch videos, learn all you can. Then start fighting now before the bullets start flying get ready, prepare yourself and your family to survive as long as possible and on your own. Move, now, towards self sufficient living, sustainable living, buy off grid land and leave the city and start doing every damn thing for yourself. FREE YOURSELF from the tyranny that holds you NOW. Start there and make a life for yourself and your family and close friends that think the same way. Grow your own food, make your own furniture, live off the land, learn to make your own natural medicines, learn to brew your own, beer is legal to brew, as is wine, as long as you don’t sell it. Raise animals and plant trees and help others get free of their jail cell in society too!

live free or die rock

Teach your kids to fight for their rights, their freedom. Teach them to grow and raise their own food forage for wild foods and make natural medicine from the forest. Teach them to hunt, make weapons and stand on their word, for freedoms sake. And tell them to teach their children to do the same! Live what you preach and preach what you live and don’t be afraid to stand up for your rights and the right to life, to exist! And when it comes down to it…….FIGHT! And I mean take up arms, as the constitution gives you the power, and FIGHT FOR YOUR INHERIT RIGHT AS A HUMAN BEING TO EXIST FREELY ON THIS ROCK WE CALL HOME! Fight for all of humanity and don’t let them take a damn thing from you without firing a bullet. We all know this country was founded on those that broke away from the tyranny of England, now lets not let the evil UN take England’s place without giving them what we gave tyranny the last time!

As an American veteran, homesteader, off gridder, a friend……I hope this sinks in real well. Until next time brothers and sisters. Peace!

-Spirit Walker

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