Why would someone want to live off grid today-Part 1?

off grid cabin 2

It’s a fair question. Taking into consideration how easy life has become compared to how it used to be, which off grid living traditionally focuses on past ways of living. Things such as washing your laundry by hand has been replaced with modern day washing machines, growing your own food has been replaced with shopping in modern day grocery stores. So life has gotten easier, more convenient. To understand what mind frame a person has to be in and what they see in a lifestyle that has all but been placed in the history books, we have to ask the right person/people. Me and my family has been living this way for almost 7 years. For the first 6 and a half years we didn’t even use renewable energy.

So we had oil lamps for lights, and nothing we owned except this laptop computer ran on electricity. About 6 months ago some people donated solar panels to use and so we have made a go with that. But even though we now have some solar energy, life for us has not really changed at all. We still live as close to the land and natural as we did before. A convenient way of life, is still not a proper way to describe our lifestyle. I suspect there are many reasons someone would want to live off grid today, but for me it is simple yet based on more than one reason. There are many aspects of this way of life that really speak to my spiritual side and I am not talking religion here folks, I am talking a healthy respect for nature, feel good energies that exist where peace and serenity is abundant and the animals themselves as companions.

Off grid chickens.jpg

2nd, I have a very large problem with the food that is being made today and sold in the grocery stores labeled as “food”. In fact, more and more of that so called food is becoming more poisonous to people each year. There is a problem when people see themselves as more powerful than God and think they can replace God. I am talking about playing God by CHANGING the food in a laboratory (Genetically Modified) as opposed to growing it in the ground and leaving it as it is, as God intended. So my family grows our food. We hunt, fish, wild forage, raise, barter and trade with others, that do the same. The food we grow and raise is done so naturally, no chemicals of any kind are allowed in our garden or animal pens.

The food we find in the forest, is naturally organic and we make strong relationships with those that live as we do so we know what they use to grow the food we trade for. So in closing, my advice is, grow and raise your own, as much as you can and know what you and your family are eating. You’ll find when you do that, good health comes natural as well.

Off grid garden.jpg

Off grid/homesteading/prepping/survival/natural living books by the Author Spirit Walker/Merlyn Seeley:



6 thoughts on “Why would someone want to live off grid today-Part 1?

  1. Hi!
    Thank you for writing such an informative blog. I just came across it yesterday as I want to start my own homestead by myself. I’m in KC and looking into southern MO/ AR border area. How is the soil there? I’m planning to start small. 1 or 2 acres as it’s just me. I want to be self sustainable and eco-friendly. If I have any questions regarding starting my homestead, will you be able to help me?
    Thank you!

  2. The development I live in is all sold. But those sites always have more. I used Classic Country land site. Being a vegetarian can not stop you from living this way. I mean its your choice what you eat. I figure you will just have less animals to feed? lol Grow a huge garden, in fact, grow many gardens….I have 5 now! Still waiting on emails from you. Always ready to help.

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